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Knight Recommends (Week One)

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As the title implies, this will be a weekly "segment". Every week I'm going to pick something that I like and tell you why I think you should check it out. The things I recommend will vary from books to movies, albums, TV shows, anything that I think others would benefit from trying. I hope people will comment if they took the recommendation and enjoyed it or if they didn't enjoy it.

DISCLAIMER: If I recommend something that has an age restriction attached to it; like a rated R movie or something, and you are younger than that restriction ask your parents permission before trying the product. If your parents say no, listen to your parents, they want what's best for you.

I wanted to pick something for my first recommendation that I felt everyone could enjoy no matter what their age or gender or anything else. I also wanted to play it safe my first time out so that I didn't scare people off right from the jump. Anyway, my first recommendation is:

At Folsom Prison - Johnny Cash
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This album is fantastic for many reasons, but the main reasons are that it was recorded at a live show in a prison, and that I don't think any current artist could pull this off today.

If you listen to this album, pay particular attention to the response from the prisoners. They both enjoy the show and appreciate being given the opportunity to attend a concert despite being in prison. It didn't matter what the men were in for or what race they were, they enjoyed the show. I really don't think something like that could be accomplished in a prison today, I think society has gotten so far removed from what it was in the '60's that a riot would probably ruin the show or the artist would be attacked or something.

Anyway, it's a great album and I recommend it. Best tracks (aside from Folsom Prison Blues):
-Cocaine Blues
-I Got Stripes

Like I said in the beginning, whether you agree or disagree, comment and let me know. I like to know what people think even if it's something like 'you're dumb for doing this!!!!1!!!ONE!'. Thanks for reading.



  1. ShortGuy's Avatar
    I think this is a great idea.

    And I just have to ask about your avatar, is that a wookie riding a giant squirrel?
  2. DementiasKnight's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by ShortGuy
    I think this is a great idea.

    And I just have to ask about your avatar, is that a wookie riding a giant squirrel?
    Thank you, I'm glad you think so!

    Yes, yes it is Chewbacca riding a giant squirrel and fighting Nazi's. I like crazy, random stuff.
  3. Maxx's Avatar
    I prefer live albums. Of course I'm a Deadhead, so I'm predisposed to music that doesn't sound like it it was made alone in a closet. I've heard a couple cuts from Folsom. This reminds me that I need to be on the lookout next foray to the music store. Amazingly, there is no Cash in my collection yet. Of course there's no Beatles either. Closest is a DVD of Cheap Trick (live, of course) covering Sgt. Pepper on the 40th anniversary.
  4. DementiasKnight's Avatar
    I don't usually go in for live albums unless they bring something special to the table that sets them apart from a studio album with the same tracks. I like a few, but I could usually take or leave them.

    Also, I don't care for the Beatles. I recognize that they are a great band and that they've impacted music more than almost any other group, I just don't like them. *shrug* Thanks for reading, Maxx.
  5. irataliw's Avatar
    Single greatest music legend of all time....
    Excellent choice. Long live the man in black!
  6. DementiasKnight's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by irataliw
    Single greatest music legend of all time....
    Excellent choice. Long live the man in black!
    I'm not sure that there is a SINGLE greatest musician, but Johnny Cash would definitely be in the running if one were to be crowned.

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