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The Thoughts of a Whisper


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Well, I just had my first Saturday of the new school year, woot! So far school is...quite the same I guess, except the fact I got the new nickname twitchy because i have random moments of being hyper but hey whatever xD I do look forward to Networking though! So far though we havn't done much, but it's only been three school days so whatever.

As for life not a whole lot different has been going on...did go shopping with mom the other day and stalked around while she shopped for make-up cause im a creeper like that and enjoy eyeballing what I can't have x) funny thing is she didn't care so, thumbs up for me :P!

Finally, yeah, I actually am into the card game Magic now because some friends got me into it >.> I bought a Blue/Green Infect deck pre-made and bought a few boosters but they didn't have too much of anything useful in them >.< still, im gonna work with what i got! My next project shall be trying to make a deck of elves, lol.

A rather plain blog entry, but thought ide do something. Cheers!

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