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Diapers : The wearable canvas.

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So, my girlfriend and I have taken my fetish to a whole new level.

She confessed to me recently that she had been reading an awful lot about my fetish, everything from how to cope; to stories from various sites and she seems to be getting pretty interested in it. We often have evenings where she will act as my mother figure while I just hang out in a diaper and t-shirt.

Last night though, I felt something weird going on towards my lower backside while I had my back turned and I turned around to find my girlfriend drawing on my diaper with a marker :p . Honestly, it was quite fun! There were a few obscene things written on my diaper, but for the most part it was little things like "Mommy loves Daddy" (she calls me daddy) and "Momma's boy". Oh, and a pile of hearts! (So many hearts that I wouldn't be able to count them all. The majority of the diaper was covered in hearts.)

So, overall, I had a blast! It was a fun time, we both enjoyed it. But now, I'm off, we're going to make a fort in her room out of some blankets and pillows :p



  1. kite's Avatar
    Any pictures of the diaper after the artwork was done?
  2. Ronbeast's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by kite
    Any pictures of the diaper after the artwork was done?
    Nah, I had to change out of it in a fairly short time after that.

    She said that she wants to draw on the next diaper I wear, so perhaps tomorrow I will have a picture! I'll try and get one.

  3. Wheatley's Avatar
    This, this post just fills me with some sort of childish glee. I can't stop reading it. It brings me joy.

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