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System Destruction

My Closet == Disgusting

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So my mom told me last night (I saw a mouse in my room) to clean out my closet entirely (It's full of boxes, blankets, pillows, 2 plushies, and diapers for that matter). She told me to bring all the boxes, etc. in there upstairs to her room, also any "garbage" that needs to be thrown out to bring it to her and she would get rid of it. She was referring to used diapers obviously without actually just saying it (bugs me more than if she just said it really... but that's a whole different story),

So I started cleaning out my closet (it was a lot of work) and piled up everything to take it upstairs. Mouse crap is literally coating the closet floor (ok, I'm exaggerating. But it's not pretty.) as I picked blankets up I shook them out.

I kept getting closer and closer to the floor of my closet where I find this lovely little mouse nest, built in a plush that I didn't know was there =(. So that's destroyed; was just a really cheap teddy anyways.

The scent was actually horrid after pulling out all the blankets (I never go down there... it was just storage).

I finally get to the floor, 2 dead mice :X well, their skeletons. The left hand side of my wall has some mold on it; but not that much so I hope that it will be ok.

Anyways :X I'm going back to cleaning this out, all the garbage and some eaten blankets are laying on my floor. /sigh

Note to others: Don't let your closet get that bad :P


  1. irataliw's Avatar
    noted lol. That is a horror story. Glad you got it taken care of
  2. Near's Avatar
    That sounds like quite the horror story D:

    Also, I see you used a conparaison operator, not an assignment operator. Geek
  3. Silverleaf's Avatar
    Try not to breath the dust when you clean up the droppings, use a dust mask and strap it on tight. Use a ten percent solution of bleach water in a spray bottle on the mold, again wear the mask when wiping down the mold. Set a mouse trap with some peanut butter, for the one mouse you saw there are 12 more you don't see. My last bit of advice is to cover your tracks a bit better when disposing of your un-mentionables, if not for your sake, then for your Moms. Good luck with the clean up.
  4. HoganBunny's Avatar
    *shudders* That sounds terrible to clean up. I'd hate to stumble on a dead animal in my closet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Near
    Also, I see you used a conparaison operator, not an assignment operator. Geek
    Noted as well, and agreed.
  5. Maxx's Avatar
    Had some mouse issues in the garage last year. Never in the house, fortunately.
  6. kite's Avatar
    Call it a loss; set fire to the closet because that is haz-mat worthy, ick. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.