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I decided to do some accounting on my expenses/income and realized I really do need to live frugally.... I literally am living hand to mouth as it were with only $350 dollars a month for food and incidentals. That means I need to try and limit my meals to $10 a day This is after the cost of my incontinence needs so I am ok in that regard, just trying to plan for my life with the wifey and how we will be living our lives at least to start. I do have a supplemental income that can sometimes bring my monthly income up $400 more, but I don't ever like to count maybes with my money....

Well just doing the math of my diaper needs I come up with this.
I need 365 night time diapers and 730 daytime diapers over the course of a year. . .
dry24/7 case of 72 ($118.95) 5.1 orders $603.00

Abena Case of 88 $86.95 8.2 orders $721.30
Molicare Case of 90 $97.95 8.1 orders $794.50
ATN Case of 84 $100 8.6 orders $869

Plus baby diaper stuffers of about 2 diapers per daytime diaper 1460 baby diapers
Pampers6 Case of 140 $45 10.4 orders $469

As you can see, difference of cost for the three diapers is huge when spread over the course of a year in which you use 2 daytime diapers and one night time diaper.
Using Molicare as the average I calculate my annual diaper costs to be $1,867
Spread out this means my monthly cost for diapers is $155.60

This does not include powder, plastic pant replacements, or lotion which I do not know how to measure as used over the course of a year, but with the exception of the plastic pants, the power and lotion is negligible.

This is why I am looking so deeply into the best daytime diaper for me. If all three are similar then I will simply choose the cheapest and smile at the savings, but if the quality is VERY noticeably different for those who use these as daytime diapers I want know before I order cases as this saves on both shipping and per brief cost.
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