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The elephant in the room.... lieterally

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So my fiance came over with me this afternoon. We filled 5 garbage bags full of my clothes that she deemed unacceptable to wear anymore and we took those to the goodwill. We rearranged some furniture and I got a good idea of how she wants me to organize our closets.

Meanwhile... in the bedroom off to the right was 2 bags of dry 24/7, 2 bags of wellness briefs, 2 bags of abresan stuffers, one bag of abrilet maxi stuffers, a bag of size 6 pampers baby diapers, a case of assurance cheapo diapers, and two wooden diaper dispensers.... We went into the bedroom and she looked around. She walked over to the diapers and looked at them but did not say a word. She looked at my armoire and saw the two katanas displayed on top and she asked if I could put those in storage as they frightened her in the bedroom. She also asked which side of the bed I sleep on as she likes the right side. Other than that, not a peep about the bedroom. No questions, no comments.

Keep in mind, my fiance has a part time job working for a school with special needs kids. She has changed their diapers so it is not like she is not familiar with adult diapers, and might be one of the reasons she is so understanding. I will not be asking her to change me, lol. If she ever offered I might take her up on it, but a win is a win. She has accepted the diapers in our home and knows I need them.

We went through other things as well and I have a good idea of how she wants the house to look, so tonight and tomorrow I will be cleaning and arranging for her. She is excited to have the home tailored to her style and is looking forward to living there for many years before we eventually have to move somewhere bigger.

I am pleased. It would appear that the diapers are going to be something we don't discuss. They are just a part of my life and that is that. She is wonderful

Now I can stop stressing about that and re-hide my things for the next two times my mother comes to visit before we are married. Some might say, "Why not let your mother know?" Well, to me it is embarrassing and I want only my wife to know if possible.

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