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Starting to get my condo ready for when my fiance moves in in January... I had been keeping my diapers hidden in a closet, but now I suppose I need to find an inconspicuous place to put them as we rearrange my house to the way she wants it. My mother and father do not know I wear so I am wondering where to put my diapering things as I cannot have them sleep in the cot when they come for the bridal shower in October. After January it won't matter because my diapers will be in the master bedroom closet and my wife and I will be the only ones using it I guess time will tell on where I end up putting everything. It is very exciting, but daunting. I have 4 junk drawers that need to be sorted and everything needs to be emptied so she can arrange how she likes my clothes etc.

Some might be saying, Irataliw, why are you giving up so much for your wife? Well, as many have said before me, "Happy wife = happy life" I intend to have a date with her in which we rearrange everything to her specifications, but first I have to get everything cleaned and organized on my end. Lots of work.

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