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Not much happening

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Not much has been happening lately, my friend finally got back from virginia on Monday just to go to his lake house in north florida today -.-...

Well he's not very accepted of gay people, so I guess this is a good thing, as I invited my 3 closest friends to come over tomorrow for a 4th of July party, and I was planning on coming out to 2 of them because one already knows about me. I'll probably post how it goes, I really hope my best friend accepts it because she's really amazing even if she can be a perv, I luff her forever no matter what happens, and I hope she feels the same, I know my other friend won't really care though.

Sunday I'm going to FINALLY go to youth group, I couldn't go last week because I went swimming with my sister and our friend and I wasn't keeping an eye on the clock and neither were my parents -.-. Well anyway I can't wait to see everyone again XD.

Right now I'm stuck feeding disgusting cat food to a cat GROSS, it smells really bad... =( someone save me from the grossness XD, her owners are out for about a week, oh well I'm going to get paid like 30 to 40 dollars for doing it because I also need to feed meal worms to their gecko, at least they don't smell -.- plus I dont have to touch them I just use tweasers to drop them in.

i almost forgot, I was SOOO close to finishing through the fire and flames, but because I couldn't stop bouncing my leg (I do it to keep beat) it kept using my star power so i didn't have any for the insane solo... although I did get really far into it, was like 20 notes form being finished infact -,-...


  1. Mandy's Avatar
    aww that must suck for guitar hero lol i hate when i accidently use star power cause i do the same thing :]
  2. Samaki's Avatar
    XD I hate at least the wii's guitar, maybe others do it, but it will randomly use star power sometimes, I think it happens when you don't connect the controler properly to the guitar -.-... That pisses me off.
  3. Sunni's Avatar
    >_> Mine's for Wii and it's never happened to me. It only does it when I tilt it. And that sucks on TtFaF. 20 notes? I hate it when you lose so late in a song.

    So, you have the Wii version? How about a match?
  4. Samaki's Avatar
    Xd alright, although my online usually isn't that great because I'm far away from the wireless source in my house which just happens to be in the farthest back room from my room -.-... Anyways I could always play it on the big screen I guess.

    When I get my GH number ill post it XD
  5. Sunni's Avatar
    Alright. I don't usually get much lag, even on random matches. Whenever you're ready. How many songs/which songs do you want to play? Any are fine with me.
  6. Samaki's Avatar
    How bout um... Cliffs of Dover? I cut up my finger pretty bad though so I dunno if I will do very good -,-

    I still haven't checked for my guitar number lol I'm really busy setting up for a party XD
  7. Sunni's Avatar
    Oh. Well, I'll just play with 3 fingers. >_> That'll make it fair. I'll be on all day. Just PM me when you're ready.

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