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Experiences that have changed the very core of your morals/belief system/ who you are?

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So have any of you ever had any life alterting experiences? Maybe life altering situations? Or rather one that change who you are radically? Like change your perspective in life? or views on others?

I've had several life or perspective altering situations during my time at DC. I'm only here for another 10 days... and looking back it's been a hell of a time. I've had good times and bad times. I feel like I truly found myself... who I want to be who I was hiding. Some things that have changed that really have surprised me are mainly my views on life,sex & love.

For sex and love I'll keep it simple, I'm currently engaged and very happy to be. But I've learned that it's possible to love two people at once. In a romantic manner, obviously it's something I could never truly understand but now I kind of understand that one dude from the sister wives I guess... there is no true love... if not people that simply fit quite nicely with one another. There isn't really soul mates. Just people that are addacuate partners if that makes sense, my concept of the one... has changed in regards. I don't think you find it.. if not you make someone the one! You devote yourself to that person you want. along with that, Sex has changed a bit two.... I mean now I understand certain people, I still want to wait till marriage and I still look down on casual sex but sex between commited relationships not so much, it's an expression of love... but my view on it hasn't changed that much....

But my view on life has change significantly, I see that I've kind of wasted some of it, things I could have used money for I spent on video games that I was just hording or wanted to play but don't have the time to play. Instead of taking care of my social life here. Or taking care of my fiancee... I was just sacraficing my relationship with her for video games that I wasn't playing. Obviously it wasn't that bad I sitll took her out but I didn't do it as often as I should have.... things are gonna change in that regard... I'm going to enjoy my youth while I can. I'm only 20 but I have a beutiful fiancee, someone that I can enjoy life with pretty easily.

Overall this experience has been life altering and truly eye opening... I can see other people's perpectives much better then I have before and I have a much more open mind. I'm finally going to do what I've wanted for a while (mainly dye my hair blue and get a piercing) and yeah just learned how to enjoy life? or appraciate my time with people more.

Lets just hope I don't forget this.... eh? How about you guys have you forgotten things like this before? What changes have you made? what experiences? etc etc.


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    One thing I always tell people as they get ready for college is that your life views will change. Not just once, but many times before you are thirty. These epiphanies are earth shattering each time and always cause for rejoicing I feel as they teach you more about the universe and where you fit in it.

    I think the biggest change for me was the realization that the expression "It's not harming anyone" is a lie. Everything we do affects everybody. We are all connected in a way and when I hurt myself I do hurt others. It is a process of becoming less selfish and more concerned about the welfare and well-being of everyone else.

    Sounds like you appreciate your life a lot more and I am sure your fiance will treasure your new outlook. Good luck and keep up the introspection. It is a very healthy exercise. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.