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clearing my head

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Well im extremly bored today so I thought I would write. My wife is at work and Im home alone. I've been layed off from my job since may and even though I have enjoyed the home time, I really need to go back to work. Bills are killing us and we don't have any extra money for anything. Hopefully I will get called back soon. A plus side is, I'm gettting alot done around the house that I've been needing to do for quite some time. Mainly because I can't seem to sit still too long.
In 9 days, im going to be the big 30. I guess I should be happy but I can't stand the thought of growing old. It seems like time is flying by so fast and it drives me crazy. This sitting around thinking about things isn't helping matters. I need to get back in my normal routine, but on the other hand, im sick of my normal routine. My job, our finances, and noting else seems to be going any where. If a midlife crisis is around the age of 28 to 30 then I hunk I started one a year or so ago. I've notice how quick my kids are growing, how long I've been married. Where's the slow mo button! I need to get over this and just enjoy life and hopefully it will end soon. Im just not ready for my 30s, I want to stay young. Anyways enough of my ranting. I think im gonna go put me an m4 on and do a little work around the house. That will help occupy my mind. My love is off for the next to days after today and I need to get these chores out of the way where sedan spend some time together. Thanks for reading!


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