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Accepting myself

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Over the last few weeks, my ex-girlfriend has recently been contacting me on facebook. I was fine with speaking with her doing so, but it turns out she wanted to get back together with me again. I said no, but would like to be friends, however she continued to pester me, day in and day out.

Yesterday, I had to tell her that I had absolutely no interest in getting back together and to cut a long story short, I basically told her that I never want to see her again. I still feel guilty in being very direct with her, but I felt like I had no choice. I broke up with her because she was a bit of a control freak, telling me to call her in my free time, kiss her whenever she wanted a kiss and even telling me to quit work so we could be together. She has since deleted me as a friend off facebook.

I must say, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulder. No longer will I have to worry about her trying to convince me to get back together.

I do have another reason why I wanted my ex to stop pestering me. I have been unsure on my sexuality for the last year or so, and I am delighted and proud to announce that as of today, I am gay.

Over the last year, I have considered myself Bi, however I now feel that I have special feelings for guys. Without going into too much detail, being around a cute guy seems to turn me on, whereas being around a cute girl doesn't. At work last week, this really nice looking young guy ordered stuff from me at the station cafe and I just couldn't look away from him, yet when a girl my age ordered, I just wasn't interested. It's not the first time it's happened and I know now what I want in my life, and that's to be with another guy.

I have also discovered since joining ADISC, that I have taken on more of a "daddy" role, as well as a TB/AB which I absolutely love. I have "adopted" a few people from the site, who I talk too off ADISC and I just like to say, you guys are the best

I need to sleep now as I'm working early tomorrow.

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  1. Ninikins's Avatar
    That's how my ex was so I'm glad you were able to gather up the courage to tell her that (it took me a few years to :/) So yay for not being pestered.
  2. LilMonkeyAlex's Avatar
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