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My first blog.

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Well this is my very first attemp at a blog so my apologys if you realize I don't know what Im doing. I guess even though I made a greeting several months ago Ill go ahead and ad a little about myself and my story here as well.
I am 29 years old, I have a wonderful wife, and two kids. I have been a DL since probably around the age of 12 but haven't felt any sort of acceptance until this past year. This is only because I gathers up enough nerve to tell my wife about my little secret. I blocked this part of my life out for years. Mostly after high school when I ventured out into the real world. But eventually, the felings and desires for diapers came back when I found myself in a 6 year marriage. I could not hide this from my wife except for a short time after the feelings came back to me. So I put my trust in our marriage and my faith in her love for me and wrote her a long letter explaining my desires as best I knew how. She then came to me and told me not to worry that there was nothing that could change her love for me. It was as if the biggest burden was lifted off my chest and for the first time in my life, I felt a little accepted. I will tell you, she doesn't understand it, we don't talk about it much, but I do wear around her with no problems. She's never seen me in a diaper but has seen my s
tash. I would love for us to eventually be comfortable enough that she could see me without it being awkward. But I am taking things as slow as I can and day by day. I think I am finally becoming the person I want to be, and its all because of her. I wish I could wear more often and be more open with her but I will take things slow because her happiness is my priority. I am extremly lucky to be where I am right now with her and my life and try not to take it for granted.
Im sorry if this blog is too long or I am rambling but it just seemed like a good place to start and thanks to all that have read. I will try to post more and start interacting more with the community because this is part of my life now and its good to have others with similar interest. As of this moment Im stuck with usinga phone for my computer so it makes it hard to interact much. But hopefully I will get my computer fixed and write some more blogs soon if its to anyones interest. Sorry for any poor grammar. My phone messes with the text. Thanks for reading!

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