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my day at metro center

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For any one who do's not no about the metro center it is basically one big shopping mall in the UK. i went there with my mum and sister on the 28th of July.

my mum went off and did her own thing me and my sister went round together we went in lots of clothing stores to help my sister find some new clothes (my sister thinks I'm some sort of gok wan clone) after a while i spot HMV and we both go in and i spot a DVD set that was released to celebrate 40 years of sesame street i showed it to my sister and she did not seem to impressed by it (remember my sis nor my mum no I'm ab) i put it back on shelf but then quickly thought stuff it i want it so i got it.

later after more clothes shopping (still for my sis) we see the Disney store we go in and the first thing i see is a Lotso bear from Toy Story 3 i instantly grabbed him and smelled him he smelled of strawberry's just like he do's in the movie i bought him instantly not thinking about my sister being with me nor about what my mum wold say when she seen Lotso.

after buying Lotso (my sister wanted one as well but she did not get one in the end) we spot a milkshake place, i decided to buy one for me and my sister i had a rolo one with a full packet of rolo's broke up in it it was yummy, my sis had a dime bar one that was not as nice.

a little later after the milk shake we meet up with our mum and we pass this place called Appy Feet basically this place gives you a Pedicure by putting your feet in a tank full of Garra Rufa fish they basically feed on dead skin both my sister and mum had a go then after them i had a go it was fun.

as you can see i had a fun day that day but remember i said i bought Lotso with out thinking about what mum wold say she asked why am i getting in to Teddy's again i just played it cool and said co's i wanted one she then said like a second child hood i didn't no what to say to that so i pretended not to hear her say it and started talking to my sister about some thing i think my mum may be suspicious of my AB side but im not going to tell her or my dad about it until i absolutely have to tell them for example if they see my pacifiers

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