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Hi, Miles here, and today I'm going to try and take another crack at writing [again].

There is absolutely no question that many of these blog posts are written on a whim: emotion becomes a big drive in the pursuit of attention and comments. Take my last night post, for example. I was really excited about having a single room all to myself (and I still am now), and I just went hard for the ten minutes I took to actually write it. You also notice that these strong, emotionally-guided blogs are usually the ones that are either the most entertaining, disrespectful, and become prone to absolute disrespect. The kind of stuff we've grown up to love and cherish

While it may be a healthy thing for people, and especially if people give feedback to the bloggee (or blogger, I'm new to the terminology), I tend to do the same thing. But this summer, I've tried to take on a challenge of writing at least 3 pages (or 750 words) a day.

Introduced a little after the fifteenth of July, I found an awesome app (WriteRoom for Mac) and I just went at it for a couple days. Itís ridiculously hard at first, but when you get an idea you just want to continue to expand on, then you can get this thing done in 15-20 minutes easy, pending your distractions. I find that itís a lot better and helpful to yourself than the semi-annual or monthly rant. You can log your emotions better, understand the real reason why youíre unhappy, and what you could even do to solve it. Evaluate your decisions and log your indecisions, it can help you become a better decision maker, and the issues youíre facing now may seem meaningless and almost laughable many years later. Thatís one of the reasons why I write my daily pages - The things I worry about now will make me seem cute, weird, and/or adorable later on. But either way, Iíll be able to comfortably laugh at myself and say ďAt least I did something that day.Ē Sweet rhyme, but I must continue. Iím a poet and I donít know it (;O)

And the best part about these pages, they can be about ANYTHING and everything. You could even use them to start or even continue a story or past writing project. I really wanted to do mine today about a previous DL story I wrote (I figured itís a bit too steamy for the suggested audience, so I decided to lay off.), but I felt like I wouldnít write enough, and/or been in the mood for it. With that specific material, itís not like you canít share it to the world, unlessÖ

I donít know it would be appropriate, but I might just post it under one of my blogs later on, if I keep it up. I try and do my pages ERRY day (though some days are better than others), but Iíll only share a select few with the 2-3 people that read it, cuz hey, my personal life isnít that groundbreaking. Just look at four-fifths of twitter - meaningless.

But I will drop some groundbreaking stuff, for me, anyways. Next week, Iím going to my University to partake in a 3-day writing workshop/constant seminars. Iíll be staying overnight in some residence for 2 nights. My greatest concern - WHAT AM I GOING TO DO IN THE EVENINGS? Besides trying to make friends. I donít want to be an obvious troll, using my computer all the time, but Iíd be a little hesitant with drinking over there. Because hey, when everything ends at 6 p.m everyday, thatís like 6+ hours of doing sweet fuck all with the few people that are going to stay the night. Iím not even sure if thereís going to be staff who are going to have activities, or if I should pack the xbox.

Who knows, I could be stuck with duds or awesome people, but itís probably going to be a 2-day orgy drink off. Such is my prediction, and I think I may join in on the fun.

But anyways, thatís my biggest concern right now. Whatís going to happen at this little overnight workshop on the times that Iím off? What should I even do with my life? Iíd take your ideas below. The odds of me getting it on in the 2 nights and one day Iíll be there will be fucking high, but high-larious if pulled off. This may seem to be an hilarious goal, especially if I try and take on one guy and one girl. But Iím shooting far out there. Anyways, 750 words+ is now over. Those are my daily pages, and I may share my next batch with you tomorrow, or whenever! Have a good one!


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