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Too Stoked: My First Blog/Brag - My residence!

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Hi and Hello!

My name is Matt, or MilesPrower. I recently turned 18 6 days ago, and it has been a great week so far. I recently haven't had the heart to share with the rest of the ADISC community, as it kinda feels like bragging, but on my birthday I was able to find out my residence information for when I head to University this fall. And boy, did I ever beat the system. And by beating it, I mean a single blow to the head.

My initial residence is that of a very difficult one to get into - With priority going to upper year students, this 417 person residence is known to house a quarter (or less) of first year students in their 4-person suites, 2-person rooms, and single rooms. It was built the most recently out of all the residences in campus (2005, I believe :P). out of the 104-105 first years that were to be housed in said residences, the majority of these rooms were double rooms or 4-person suites. Single rooms, however, are far and few between, reserved mainly for Residence Managers, upper year students, and rarely to first years. To be blessed with one would be beating the thousands who applied for a single room in this residence, which would have 8-10 left for first years.

And guess who beat the odds.

This guy. (Awwyeah.jpg)

A single room, in a great residence. The privacy I'll be granted will be unmeasurable. I have not nurtured my DL side for about two or three years, subsiding like a volcano. But I hope September I will be able to re-introduce it to myself and fellow members of the DL community. Who knows, I could find someone else who would be interested (I heard the owner of Diaper-Bois lives in the area.)

But anyways, that should wrap up my brag for right now. Questions comments and concerns can be address for the few that read this, and I apologize for crafting this up too late. I've been doing research on monitors, so I can get one for my NEW SINGLE ROOM! AWW YEAHHHHHHHHH.

P.S: Even after I realized that on my birthday, I've still been too pumped ever since.


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