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Hey... It's blarg.
(Skip the first paragraph if you're not interested in my works and or the writing community of this site)
I realize that i'm really behind with my story-stuff but hey, i'm writing my own novel right now one that i actually hope to publish one day. But on to the main point. Since i'm kinda feeling... down i suppose i feel like bringing up a point about the movie called "Hancock" i Suggest that anyone go watch it, i enjoyed it very much. And just from watching the movie... i kinda have this itching feeling to get the dust off of my fan-fic self and start typing Either a Hancock mini-series. Or a Jumper series. Both of them are movies, both of them have limitless possiblities for fanfics. I'm actually up for writing yet another halo-fic, but that's some other time...

The main point of this post though is to bring up a point. I am by no means gay nor do i ever feel compelled to do feminine things yet for some reason whenever i watch any movie with a twinge of a certain type of romance- and i'm not talking about romance movies... i'm talking about real dramatic romance i seem to be taken in by that. I do not know why, and i do not know what it is exactly. Perhaps i like romance that is very heavy such as hancock with its (SPOILER WARNING) dual superhero romance and how two demigods can choose to pair up and go out in peace (END OF SPOILER). Either way, i'm wondering, does anyone else ever feel this? I hope i made myself clear if i didn't i'll try to make it more clear tomorrow... as of right now i'm realllllllllyyyyyy sleepy. Good night.


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    Damn, that spoiler came to fast and I accidently read the whole spoiler before I realised what I was reading. Damnit. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.