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My *fun* little rant/blog. (Read the pre-text before the blog)

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First off there will be language used, if you have a problem with it, then leave.

Also, I will be using specific names as examples.

If you disagree with me and plan on getting pissy over it, then leave.


Ok, so it seems that ever since the site came back up a lot of changes have been made to make the site 'better.'
But it seems that while all these changes happened, everyone was forced to 'play nice.' And due to that we've had an influx of of idiots to creeps to plain off f[i]u[/i]cktards. And yet we allow such shit to pollute this place, I remember on TBDL whenever there was an idiot/creep/whatever, the users usually took care of them quickly.

We kept the smartest here and left the idiots aside to either:
A) Leave and stop polluting the forum with their idiocy
B) They begin to make better posts and actually can contribute to a discussion.

But yet now we have people such as 'Gamebaby' making posts like "oMg r u liek fr srs?!!?!?!!" Or "Betagame" making useless as shit threads purely for an increase in post count.

If such a thing happened on the old forums users were quick to stop them in their tracks, but now with the fear of the almighty rep count almost no one will do anything, but when someone does say something it's usually a VIP who no one would ever dare to neg rep, yet if it were any other member not playing 'nice' would result in backlash.

Which brings up another point, attention to rep and status:

First off don't say that rep is not put out in the users' faces, before the upgrade we had posts changing colour and displaying the amount of rep lost, as if it weren't obvious that rep and kissing major ass is the sole factor to status and immunity. Yes I said immunity, rarely does a VIP ever get neg reped for making a blatent post to someone, and why? Because of that wonderful little stint of bold text above their avatar.

And if you want me to give an example of the previous statement, how about the whole meme 'controversy', I've been neg reped many of times for using meme's even in a positive way(I said 'do want'), but of course I've also seen VIP's use memes in both a negative and positive connotation and guess what happens? ABSOLUTELY F[i]U[/i]CKING NOTHING.

Status on this forum is nothing but a popularity contest between idiots, and kiss asses.

And back on topic, we were fine without all these rules of being nice to people, it helped purge the forum and kept it intelligent, now it seems the more and more dumb****ery is pouring it's way into the forums as more and more new users register and don't learn that acting like an idiot isn't tolerated(please don't give me the bullshit that modded users are getting the message, they're not the only ones I'm talking about).

Honestly I'm afraid of the future of this forum if it is kept on track it's going.


  1. Pojo's Avatar
    Aw you didn't mention me in anyway...I haven't really seen many people use meme's that much...I think the person who has used them the most lately is Baby_blake, and he's a regular...I have VIP, but I'm not a kiss ass...I tell people my honest opinion, and I know this isn't aimed at me...And for anyone that says I kiss ass to Moo with liking cows, well that's just a coincidence
  2. avery's Avatar
    hmm. i agree that VIPs have a sort of immunity that regular users don't have. i often post stuff that i think a lot of other people would get negative rep for, but i hardly ever get any.

    but are you suggesting that intelligence should be a factor in who should be allowed on the site? that's going down a dangerous road if you ask me. i don't think the forum has become any friendlier toward perverts and pedos. and if it's become friendlier toward everyone else, then surely that's a good thing.

    you mentioned gamebaby and betagame. i think both of those users have taken way more than their fair share of abuse and negative rep. yes, given, they both need to learn to post better -- i've been really annoyed by a lot of their posts -- but they're not sexual predators or anything. they're just kids who haven't learned much etiquette, maturity, or grammar. surely we shouldn't deny them a place in a supportive community because of that, right?
  3. Vladimir's Avatar
    About avery's comment's last paragraph, I find ignorance much worse than feeling rejected. I don't especially like gamebaby and betagame, I don't personally mind them too much, but if most people have a problem with them, it's cruel not to let them know about that.

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