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Shave Legs

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Well tonight while i was taking a shower I noticed that my sisters shaving stuff was in the shower, and for some reason I coudln't resist myself, i had to at least shave a little off my leg... well i got out and takled with my friend about it, and for some reason i felt i really had to do it again like the freaking razor was pulling me to it.... so I went back in the shower and tried to shave, either her razor sucks or I was using the wrong type of razor -.- hey i only know how to shave my face -.-... well anyways i got the front done on one of my legs in like 20 minutes, then I COULD NOT get the sides of my leg, like the hair WOULD not come off.... So I got outta the shower, now my right leg IS really smooth the front part at least, and my left leg is still hairy -,- I guess thats what u get for being italian -,-

i might post some pics up of my fail leg shaving... although I left my camera at my friends house, so I may have to take it with my webcam WHICH SUCKS!


  1. Samaki's Avatar
    yeah i know it kinda grossed me out lol... and i cant really go to the store seeing as a i cant drive yet -.- hmm i wonder.... and I know your not supposed to use the same razor for different parts of your body...

    Well im planning on when i take a shower this morning i will try and finish my legs, it might've been that her razor was really dull and i just need to put some new blades one it XD..
  2. Samaki's Avatar
    maybe, although this morning i finished my right leg at least, and I think the reason why is because I'm Italian, almost every Italian male in the world is VERY hairy.... which I HATE... I hope fo be completely finished shaving both legs by july 4th lol cause my friend really wants to see how it turns out and she's coming over... and omg im watching Spanish television and im loling my pants off, no offense to any Spanish people but this lady is CRAZY shes like doing all these REALLY weird hand movements.

    the leg that i shaved felt really weird when I put pants on, kinda like it was num XD.
  3. Samaki's Avatar
    Xd thanks Custom.

    Well I've been AIMing with my friend ALL day, and becuase she was a walmart right next to her house shes going to pick up a razor and some shaving cream, I'll recommend gillete fusion, then on July 4th she'll bring it to my house, I'll pay her then I'll be set for a while XD, and I can't stop rubbing my leg its SOOOO smoothe XD.
  4. IncompleteDude's Avatar
    The only thing is that you really shouldn't use other people's razors. It's not hygienic.
  5. Samaki's Avatar
    I know XD but my sister never uses it anyways, maybe like once a month maybe even less -.-... the main reason she got the razor was because she thought she would be cool because she shaved her legs. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.