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The Underbelly of California

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So here' the basic problem for California as I see it :
- Northern California is not doing too badly (especially around Silicon Valley)
- However, it is attached to southern California, which is falling to the ground!
- The thing that joins the two is the State government, which is in incredibly poor shape
- Yes, California is indeed usually ahead of the nation, but this applies also to bad things, like ...
*a dysfunctional political system where you need 60% of the votes to get anything done ...
*so, nothing gets done, budgets are made almost a year after they are supposed to start!!!
- get used to it - the U.S. Senate is not any better these days either!

(compare to like Oregon)

So California will not be as good a place as I had hoped for - though northern California will be much better than southern.

Lets hope the economy REALLY starts improving in late 2012.

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