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Last Night -,-

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Well last night was fun although this morning sucked, i don't know if I really wanna say why but i will anyway.

Well yesterday I spent ALL DAY at my friends house, since he is the only kid in the neighborhood besides these 2 others, that isn't a jackass. Well his cousin was there and we all watched RAMBO 2008 which made me go =0 from the allover insaneness and gore, it was a good movie still.

Well because the movie would be over at around 11:30 i stayed the night, he doesn't know about me btw. Well it was pretty fun, we had a politcal all night till around 1 then we went to bed.

This is the part that is a bit explicit and I really dunno if i should say but I will, I knew it would happen to. Well I woke up with a REALLY hurting penis, I thought I would go to the bathroom because maybe I had to much water or something, like WAY to much, when I went to the bathroom I found a HUGE wet mark in the front of my pants, OH SHIT! I've had wet dreams before but none when I was flaccid, which I didn't really know was possible, and especially not ones that I couldn't remember... and none at a friends house. Well I had no idea what to do, so I called my mom, this is the first time I've ever told her about a wet dream, and she was like "really? alright what do u want to do?" Well she brought over some clothes for me to change into before ANYONE was awake, this was at like 6:50 in the morning, and I changed. This just made me REALLY not want to sleep over at anyone house EVER again...

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