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A wonderful day!

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Yay, my first blog ever in my life!
Just something I felt i would like to share here (and not to annoy those who like to scold people in the forums with "that should be a blog")

It starts with me waking up by around 9.30 in the morning (sun was shining in my face through the drapes)
I stay in bed reading for 1 1/2 hour, then gets up to have a shower.

After my shower, I prepare a large breakfast and turn on the computer.
I eat my breakfast and prepare my GPS for the days adventure (plotting routes and filling it up with mp3s).
My preferences while riding a motorcycle just for leisure, is the smaller "bendy" roads, no highways/freeways.
Listening to my favorite music while riding, just makes the sensation even greater.

Anyway, I prepare myself with getting padded up with an Abena S4+booster (Hey, no one is going to notice that under my protection gear)
I get dressed with the rest of my gear and goes out to ride.

Today was sunny, 22C, and hardly any wind. Perfect for riding!

When Im out of my city/town, I start to follow my route and drive along some small roads for about an hour and then reach a smaller coastal town.
I drive down to the harbor where I get off to buy an ice cream.

While sitting on a bench overlooking the sea, an older man sits down next to me and strikes up a conversation.
He asked me if I was a tourist and I said yes I am, but not from far away I explained that I was just out driving for fun and leisure.
It turned out he was a retired fisherman, and he went on for a bit how the small time fishing industry was almost destroyed by the large companies.
After a while I said my good byes and I was off again.

Other stops I made was at a rest stop near a small lake, and at that point I felt like hitting myself in the head for not bringing a towel and my swim trunks. (I was really hot)

One of the routes I had previously chosen turned out to be freshly paved with new asphalt. Perfect!
This was a long road going through a forested area with lots of curves and smaller hills.
I just love the feeling going fast on a road that has a lot of height difference, almost feels like a roller coaster in the tummy

Well my last stretch going home was on a freeway (110 km/h limit) so I got my speed addiction cured too.
(I wasnt speeding too much, I promise )

I checked the trip meter on my bike when I got home. I had been out on a 290 km trip (about 180 miles)
My ass can testify that it was long anyway

Finally home, I get undressed and hit the shower. Seriously, you get really sweaty in black protection gear when the sun is shining
I go out again, in my car this time, to do some shopping.

When I got home, I cook up a wicked sausage stroganoff with rice for myself and enjoy it with a glass of wine.

Now typing this, I relax with a beer and a whiskey, feeling like I am on the top of the world with not a care.
I love vacation days when I am not forced to *DO* anything but the things I like.
Wish I could bottle this feeling and just take a sip when I am feeling depressed.

I would love some comments. Have anyone else had that "perfect day"?
And please excuse any spelling errors, English is after all not my native language.


  1. quattrus's Avatar
    Your English is perfect as far as my understanding goes (not native English speaker here too lol)

    You have a pretty wide choice of smaller roads in the middle of nature up there where you live. I totally envy you for that, Scandinavia is for sure high on the list of the places I want to visit. I can relate to your experience, although on a somewhat parallel level, as I usually find myself on that kind of roads when I'm on vacation with my RV outside Italy. A totally different speed (80 km/h maximum on the motorway, 50 km/h average on smaller roads), but the feeling of freedom must be pretty much similar. I don't have a single specific day that I recall, but a collection of moments, mainly in the German countryside which I find absolutely lovely. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.