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The Randomicity of a SuperDan...

.... 'ate'....

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... So, because I'm a child - and also because a couple of "language" threads got me thinking - I got round to wondering why so many of the bodily-function words all end in '...ate'...

Think about it...


How odd. I can't help but be intrigued as to how this came about.

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  1. crazykittensmile's Avatar
    I had never noticed that before, but now you have pointed it out you have got me wondering about it too. There must be some explanation for this interesting observation....
  2. whisko's Avatar
    Marinate, pontificate, regulate, obfuscate, abbreviate, illustrate? :-)
  3. Guineapigged's Avatar
    The "-ate" suffix indicates a process. Which, after all, is what bodily functions are, so it makes sense that they all end in "-ate". I don't know why there are so many related to the body specifically, though. Might be something to do with the origin of the words, Latin or something. You'll have to ask someone who knows a bit more about the history of the English language. :P

    That said, there are hundreds of "-ate" words that aren't bodily functions (because there are hundreds of processes in the world that aren't bodily functions). The guy before me named a few, and off the top of my head I can probably come up with a few more. Congregate, perforate, resonate etc.
  4. Jewbacca's Avatar
    you forgot Masticate
  5. SlowBro's Avatar
    I masticate at least 3 times a day Jewbacca! And don't even get me started on Thanksgiving! It's like I masticate all day long! - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.