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All right, guys...before I get started with this, I need to say something that's been bothering me for a few days, and if you don't agree with me, that's fine. But know that, no matter what you say, my opinion will [i]not[/i] change. It never [i]will[/i] change. I'll [i]ignore[/i] any comments I get in response to this matter. Perhaps it's because of the first forum environment I was raised in, but I believe their methods to be more sound. I'll make it short and sweet...

Regarding the recent uproar about jumping on new members that come off as perverts...


I disagree [i]strongly[/i] with the general consensus of being polite to them and giving them the immediate benefit of the doubt when they present to us a stereotypical story that instantly triggers the perv alert. I just do. Not only that, but sometimes, I feel there's enough proof in their behavior and name [i]alone[/i] to merit my words. I know that flaming isn't okay, I know I can get negative reputation for it, but, damn it, when I see enough proof to call BS, I'm willing to speak out. You don't have to listen to me, you don't have to care, and you don't have to remind me that [i]what I'm saying can be hurtful to a new member who may be telling the truth.[/i]

When it's practically [i]obvious to me[/i] that they're lying through their teeth, and when I see people believing them, I have the right to speak out.

Seeing as my opinion isn't welcome, however, I'm no longer going to do that. Nope. Not at all. Never again. I'll leave you all to whatever fantasy world you want to live in here. Assuming good faith may be what everyone wants on here, but on other forums, that's simply non-existent, and I've learned to accept that state of assuming practicality and logic above possibility and faith. I don't [i]care[/i] that there's the possibility of a story being true. In the case where I spoke out, I'm almost [i]positive[/i] my reasons for doing so were just. Bringing to attention the greater possibility that a story is false is a high priority for me. Guess that priority's getting dropped from now on, though.

But, ehh. [shrugs] If the mods want to handle this, and if they don't want hostility from any of the members, then I'll oblige. I'm naturally inclined to jump, and I know flaming isn't allowed, but I sometimes think I put in enough thought to understand what it is I'm doing before I do it. And I should also note that, where I came from before ADISC, calling BS and flaming those who dared spread it was an act endorsed by even the [i]mods[/i], if I'm right to assume so. Sounds barbaric, I know, but that's how I was raised in the infantilism community, and that's how I'll be for the rest of my stay.

Again, whatever my punishment for saying this is, I'll gladly accept it, be it a warning, a temporary ban, or a permanent ban. I'm just saying what needs to be said, and I don't care [i]who[/i] I may offend with this.

Consider this the last time I speak up in regards to this matter.


To completely turn away from my little rant up there, I'm wondering if anyone else is the same as me in one respect. So I pose a simple question to artists and writers alike: is there a particular time of day where your creativity shines more than other times?

As the title of this entry may suggest, I seem to write a lot better, both in terms of my willingness to create and my ability to type properly and grammatically, at night. To put it simply, I am [i]not[/i] a morning person. XD There are two types of tiredness: early morning (4 A.M. - 10 A.M.) and late evening (10 P.M. - 3 A.M.). When I'm tired in the latter way, the inspiration to write just [i]flows[/i] from every pore of my body, like blood gushes from the wounds of a Chuck-Norris-kick victim. When I'm tired in the former way, I could be satisfied with hitting a few random keys (ufehijmfvdcjxasd[u9qweef) and call it a masterpiece.

That, my fair children, is why I don't write in the morning. :D

What are some of the time-frames where you experience something similar to these feelings? Or do you feel you can draw or write at any time of the day with little to no trouble or blockage of the creative flow?


  1. Dawes's Avatar
    If the thought is in my head, I'll usually end up struggling through anything to write it. ^ ^ But that's just me!

    Some of my best conceptual writing has been done late at night when I've woken up from sleep, staring through the smoke of a wake-me-up cigarette at a blaring computer screen. The words might not make sense, the grammar might not be all there, but the logic and idea is, and to get it out of my head helps it not get lost between other thoughts and fleeting dreams. In re-reading these little vignettes of creativity, I find myself sometimes gaping at how horrible the sentences and structures are ... but I find that I can usually retain the point of what I was trying to write enough so that I can revise it later on.

    Whether I'm sleepy or tired or sick or happy, if there's company or not, if I'm at work, if I'm interviewing, if I'm driving, I write. It's not all salvageable, of course, but I try to make the attempts. I always have a notepad and pencil in my pocket, and when I was writing my two previous manuscripts, my car was a literal mess of Post-Its. I would pull up to a stop-light, scribble down a thought, and bash it onto the dashboard. I would tape them in order sometimes (because sticky adhesive doesn't like sunlight or moisture), but I kept them there throughout the course of the work so that way I was constantly surrounded in thoughts of the story.

    I have a picture somewhere of my car one time -- I even got pulled over once, at which point I was asked why there were so many Post-Its on my car. I told the driver that I was an aspiring writer and that they were my storyboard. "The best ideas come at the most inconvenient times," I told him. He asked for a Post-It note. When the manuscripts were done, I took down them all and filed them away, but the one he asked for, I laminated and hung from my rear-view mirror.

    Read the road-signs, read your speedometer, this has been a note from your friendly neighborhood officer.

    It was too clever for me not to keep. And I've not gotten a ticket for speeding since that day three years ago. Poetry truly is moving.

    But all that aside, I personally try to write however I'm feeling, whatever time it is. A masterpiece won't come out the first time no matter how perfect the atmosphere is for writing, anyway. ^ ^
  2. BabyMullet's Avatar
    Blood does not gush from a Chuck Norris victim, they they into a puff of blood, get it right!

    For me, my creativity comes best when it had been unplugged for a few days, then let out, as if a dam was bursting and flooded the land. I only write every couple of days, I only juggle every couple of days.

    As for time of day, it seems to have no hold on me.
  3. avery's Avatar
    you shouldn't be afraid to call bullshit or give negative rep if the person really is lying or acting creepy. just don't be arrogant and assume you can "tell" that someone's lying when there's no real proof.

    it's a tricky ballance. calling someone a pervert is serious business and you'd never ever want to put an innocent person through that. but you shouldn't be afraid to speak up in situations when there's no doubt. if everyone kept those thoughts to themselves this place would be overrun with creeps in no time.
  4. kite's Avatar
    as far as the rant goes we do need protectors of the board, but personally i leave that up to moo, peachy, bben, and the rest because they're good at it. i know it must kill you as it does me to see some people so plainly obvious that they're lying about their age, sex, out of the diaper pail stories, etc. but we shouldn't be the ones dealing with it. we don't have the ability (well i don't anyway) to do background checks, they do. if you have something of concern bug the crap out of moo, i'm pretty sure he loves hearing from us anyway.
    as far as creativity goes, my time is roughly between the hours of 10-4pm and 8 or 9 to 3am. no idea why, that's just how it goes.
  5. Moo's Avatar
    Thanks for your opinion.
    Don't worry... I'm fine with people writing constructive criticism of the site.
    I've been thinking about this issue myself lately, and trying to work out a way to avoid offending genuine newbies while still also making it clear that people who make up highly improbable stories are not going to be believed, and that they should tell the truth instead.
    So far, I've been trying to set things up so that members can voice their concerns when they see a suspicious story, but there are right ways and wrong ways to do this. Right ways include challenging the story with questions (pointing out the holes in it, and why it is so improbable), or contacting the mods. Wrong ways include flaming the person off. The right ways are just as effective at stopping people making up stories, but they also make this board appear much more friendly and welcoming to newcomers.

    I'm willing to rethink this policy though. I have noticed that a few old members always want to go back to "the way things were" - times when we treated newbies with much more harshness and scepticism. I'll think about it. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.