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Blue Glow and Red Sentience -Written by Onecho (review)

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Blue Glow and Red Sentience-by Onecho

Red Sentience, the second of a yet unfinished trilogy, is a story composed by a man known simply as “Onecho” to most people. The first story in the series, called Blue Glow, is based upon a teenage boy that has never experienced the love and affection of real parents, whom finds himself in a whole different situation soon after an accident.
He is thereafter known as “Cody”, and is now a five year old fox kit living in a whole new place, he remembers everything from his past, yet falls perfectly in place with his new ‘being’. Blue Glow is the telling of Cody and his new friends’ journey through life, and Cody finding that one thing that was missing from his life. He eventually is given the choice to remain in this strange new world, or return to his previous state, as Adam, his decision affecting everything comprehendible.

Red Sentience takes place many years later, Cody and friends now well into adulthood, andall at the point in life where everything seems to crash to hell, stumble upon an occurrence that transports them all back in time, to when they began school. All of them wanting to escape the trappings of adulthood decide to take a month-long escape here, after discovering the elevator in the office is different than others.
But Cody, is now known as “Zack”, something that perplexes “Cody”, or more accurately “Adam”, which nobody knows or knew, and as he watches his old life unfold before him, remembering everything that he and his friends did as children, and hits a breakdown as he relizes his connection to his lifelong friends is being lost. He himself begins a process of discovering what exactly has happened, as the mystery unfolds into something far greater than his understanding, and in an effort to change the events, he screws everything else and winds up regretting his actions, destroying his own life.
Onecho has created a masterpiece of philosophical design, confusion, and emotional desperation that implies the love we feel only as children, and try to hold onto as we mature. Using unnumbered well used words, he gives detail to every thought and emotion with such grace that connects you with the characters in an unmatchable way. The depth of understanding left me thinking on my own, and has truly given me an all-new outlook on the way I see things.
The series is of Furry orientation, and is also of Babyfur nature. I highly anticipate the third installment, and I must say this is the best story I haveever, read.
I thank Onecho for being a marvelously talented author, and I also thank him for taking his time to ‘toot my own horn’, as he said. A truly remarkable series indeed.

-Malakai Vlon Wox


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    Going to have to put that on my reading list, but Blue Glow sounds awfully familiar to It Started As A Vaction. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.