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How *NOT* to come out to your mother

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Ah, the young and the dumb. Or, in my case, the not-so-young and the should-have-really-done-more-research-first.

No one on this site knew me before 2009, with the only exception being the long forgotten luvlee, who knew me more than a year before that. Well, in the fall and winter of 2007, I was doing a lot of soul searching. I was primarily looking up things on the internet, and at first, those things all had to do with the ABDL scene.

It was not the first time I had ever seen anything about the scene, but it was the first time I was ever giving it a thorough look. It's when I found out about any of the terminology specifically related to this culture. While I specifically loved the initial 'joy' of finding De... let's just say the worst place out there, I soon had my world rocked (for the better) by Understanding Infantilism.

At this time in my life, I had no friends, period. No one in my life to talk to, no connections online. Nothing. I was struggling with full time school and almost full-time work at a job that was a terrible environment for me. All of this came at the end of years of stress and being incredibly high-strung. Long story short (too late!), I pretty much ended up loosing my mind, to an extent.

I decided, in this near-insane state, that I had to tell someone about my diaper interests, and the only ones in my life still were my parents and my brother. I remember telling my brother about it one of those evenings, the night of my 20th birthday, as a matter of fact. It was relatively tame, and I agreed to keep a secret of his in exchange. Easy, no rejection. It helped, a little, but I still felt the need to tell more.

I told my dad, but that was during a late night chat. I showed him a couple sites and asked him if he had any suggestions for dealing with 'odd interests.' He was also fairly accepting, and sort of ended by saying that he guessed I'd have to find someone willing to change a man's diaper for a wife.

So, at this point, after two coming out stories that were arguably wildly successful, I decided it would be a great idea to tell my mom. Telling my mom was not stupid; it's how I told her that was very dumb, and it's nothing I can ever recommend to anyone here (nor would I!).

One winter morning, shortly after I turned 20, my mom and I were alone in out house. I had recently made my first ever diaper run, securing a pack of Kroger brand adult pull-ups. They were horrible and couldn't hold anything, but at that time they were amazing and felt like freedom. My mom was busy doing the laundry in the living room, and I was upstairs in my room contemplating how to tell her about my bizarre interest.

At long last, I decided I had came up with the most ingenious plan. I got myself ready, and came downstairs to where my mom was folding towels. So, I sat down on the couch next to her, wearing nothing more than a t-shirt and a diaper.

Much to my surprise, she didn't even seem to notice, and continued folding the towels. I told her I had something to show her, and explained it that it was 'a bit different' but that it was 'perhaps just my way of expressing myself.' I pretty much had to force her to look at me, and even then it took her a moment. I practically had to point out to her that I was wearing a diaper!

She kind of stopped for a moment, a bit shocked by what she saw, which is by no means a surprising reaction. However, after a few moments of the most intense awkwardness I have perhaps ever felt, she ended up actually accepting my wearing diapers. The first thing she told me was basically, "It would have been good for you to have just told me 'mom, I'm wearing a diaper.'"

I have no idea how this ever worked out for me, but we then had a small discussion where I outlined the reasons why I did it and shared with her that I had been thinking about diapers my whole life and that it for years felt like I had some sort of curse by being so obsessed with them. I told her that I intended on using them at times, but that I was otherwise going to be a 'normal' person.

I discussed the community a bit and how I had 'read a lot of posts by people in it' and that I didn't feel connected with most of them at all. I felt repulsed by many of them (granted, the only site with 'posts' I had seen yet at that point was that 'D' site). Finally, I went back up to my room to change back into my underwear

Several months later, I got my wits back and no longer sought to be so open about it, lol. Since then, I have been wearing diapers to bed every night. My parents know I'm doing it, and allow me to have some room in a hidden spot under the steps in the basement. They are okay with me doing it so long as I'm discreet and don't go crazy with it, which I haven't, since then at least.

So, long story short guys: please don't come out by wearing nothing but a shirt and a diaper. I don't know where I got the idea to do that, but I did it. I just thank God my mom is so accepting, lol.

I was told on a Skype call last night that I should share this as a blog post, so I did.


  1. LeonSoryu117's Avatar
    Dan, dan dan... You got nuts my friend! Courageous, plentiful nuts. :cool:

    Fucking, ridiculous.
  2. CrypticTaco's Avatar
    ^this. Dan, I must bow to thee.
  3. fifigal's Avatar
    Sounds like it still went well for you, for each of your 'comming-out' disclosures. You are a brave man, Dan. Take care.
  4. Near's Avatar
    Hehe, about time you shared this. One of the most, err, interesting coming out I've heard ^^

    That being said, your mom sounds like quite the women.
  5. Tygon's Avatar
    WHAT were you thinking?! LOL. That's just plain nuts--is nuts and took nuts :p

    What your mom said, given the situation, sounds pretty much perfect. Glad your family was so cool about it.
  6. HoganBunny's Avatar
    Tygon put it best, lol.

    Anyways, it's great your parents don't mind.
  7. Trevor's Avatar
    That could have gone so much worse than it did. It's funny about her not seeing the diaper until you sort of forced the issue. I've had similar experiences with shaving my mustache back when I had one. I think we often have a mental image of someone we love and sort of edit out the stuff that doesn't fit if we're not paying close attention.
  8. spddan's Avatar
    @Mikeru and bryan: LOL, thanks.

    fifigal: thanks a bunch. I was thrilled they all went so well too. I've heard so many horror stories, so I was glad that mine wasn't one of them.

    Near: yeah, she definitely is quite the woman, and this definitely was quite an interesting time, hehe.

    Tygon: what she said pretty much was perfect, you are right about that. Thanks.

    HH: yeah, I'm glad they don't either. I don't trust my older siblings as much as the rest of them, but only because I know they'd make fun of me for it, and would be less understanding. Overall though, I wouldn't completely loose the respect of anyone in my family.

    Trevor: that is an outstanding comment you make there. I completely agree; it is just a small part of me and she didn't notice it since it wasn't what she looks for in me in the first place (my appearance). We have a deeper bond than that, and we also see each other a lot, so not too much was out of the ordinary from the waist up.

    CrazyBoy: lol. Thanks. I wasn't on anything actually, but I certainly wasn't myself back then. I was pretty out of it, lost my marbles/off my rocker for a little while back then.

    Thanks again guys, honestly, hehe.
  9. KiwiBoi's Avatar
    Wow. That is pretty much exactly how I came out to my best friend. Except I did it at night and he initially thought I still set the bed.
  10. ultrapampers's Avatar
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