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A look inside my head or an eloquent insult

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Ok so this started as and attempt at writing a new poem to vent some frustration, it kinda just turned into a rant or sorts. still i think it this gives a little insight to the way I view things and how I think sometimes so I thouhght I'd share it here to help people get to know me a little as I'm still pretty new here. I may post some of my other writing as time goes by if there's any interest.

Here it goes:

What's become of the civil man what of the chivalrous the honor bound. Has the *rampant spread of dishonest dissidents turned them all to mangy hounds. We stand face to face and you cower like a mutt fearing the hose then mere moments later through cover of space and digital defense you to pretend to have a spine. You feign intelligence and whit, confidence. You are scum so low I dare not disgrace my boot with your filth. Should we stand within sight of one another I carry not the strength to muster anger. But I fear sadness all that shall over take me sadness for the decline of the civil mans civil world the rapid decline of men to a state of Eternal boyhood men are a dying breed instead we face a horde of children of an age that would once have dictated they conduct them selves as men honorable men for a lack of such conduct would leave them hunted and soon put down like the dogs they chose to emulate.

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