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Ok so the whole 2 blogs per week thing was a total fail. Sorry for being gone for nearly 2 months. A lot of stuff has been happening so let me just get right back into it!

I write this section in red because its an issue that i'm not to thrilled about. My uncle has moved back in with us and yes this is the same uncle I have mentioned in other blogs. He has been back with us for about 2ish weeks now, and its safe to say i'm not thrilled about it. When i'm home I am basically in my room the whole time because he monopolized the living room. So basically my daily routine since he's been back has been : Work, Eat, Sleep. It would be nice to be able to play some ps3 whenever I feel like it again.

Also my half brother has moved in with us, and his dog. It would be fun and all if... He didn't go out every single night and party and leave me to take care of his dog who come to find out is not to fond of the dogs we already have... Not fun.

I feel like in the time I've been gone I have gone back to my reclusive ways. Its been at least a month since I have really seen anyone. Well ever since my friend Laramie got home from school I have been hanging out with her once a week or so, but i'm crushin on her and she totally isn't gonna wanna be in a relationship with me, we've been friends since 05, I fear i'm way to far into the friend zone, everytime I take her out it always ends up being us just hangin' matter what.

On Friday I got a promotion at work. Well its not really a promotion I guess. The regional manager of my hotel also manages one across the street, He offered me hours at our "sister hotel", so now I will be bumped up to full time and be able to get the real employee benefits like insurance and all that good stuff, and my check will be doubled which is nice

Well that's all I got for now, Its glad to be back. I miss being here.

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