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Blog tiiiiiime everybody!

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This is Sparky reporting from his bedroom computer. I have had an amazing week and am only going to describe
2 days, one would be friday in short and than it will be saturday, for all I remember.

Friday the first of July,

My day started of quite easy chillaxing in bed reading my morning twitter posts(@Josip_Koninckx)
and looking around the internet a bit from my Droid. Stayed there for a couple of hours than ate dinner
and went back to my room for some Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. I played the whole campaign on hard and
had no more left hand movement in the end of the evening.
Went to bed pulled on a pull up and got some sleep for the next day would be a long one!

Saturday the second of July,

a loud snore could be heard coming from my bedroom since I sleep long.
Around noon I got up and breakfast(not lunch ) was on the table and I was the last one there.
I ate 2 chocolate rolls and a croissant avec de confiture I kidnapped my sisters boyfriend and we played GHIII together,
I won(of course ;D) and celebrated a bit until my other sisters boyfriend came in and brought CoD: Black Ops, since I haven't played a shooter in a month
He had his dark feast upon my character. We played online multiplayer and played TDM and CTF for sometime and around six I quit playing and asked
my dad to drive me to the birthday party of a friend of mine, we picked up Glenn on the way there and he came along.

The party was in a café there was barbecua first I ate a complete ribcase and the sauce was great! I met some crazy people there and on in particular
I liked a lot. His name was Jimmy and, like me, he liked drinking alchohol for pleasure every once in a while. And what better place then a party to drink alcoholic beverages.
I started off with beer and in the end had swallowed 4 litres of the golden liquid, I decided to calm down from there on and drank some water so I could stay
sober for a little while longer. There was a DJ who did any kind of music he played folk to some of the party songs that are hot in Belgium ATM.
Then this Jimmy dude made an order at the counter and looking at his face I knew it couldn't have been good. He brought with him two humongous glasses
with in it a beverage he called sumbuca or something. It, accorrding to him, could vary from 30-50° in alchohol and after smelling the drink I could tell you
It was not only true, it was the 50° kind. My nostrals practicly died when I took a reek. I refused to drink it and so did he but after some more beers a polanaise and
swinging some handkerchiefs through the air I took both glasses to the bar and took a seat, I yelled at Jimmy so that he would join me. I told him that we should finish what we ordered
and I picked up my glass, took a deep breath and held it while I drank it Ad fundum. One of the worst decisions in my life, I couldn't think clearly anymore but I had lot's of fun that evening. in the end even Glenn and Wim(close friends of mine) were drunk to their ass they drunk Thirteen shots of gin.

At the end of the night we took a rest outside to cool of 4/5th of us were drunk and we did all kinds of weird contests to see who was the most sober.
I won against Jimmy every single time and eventually we were so exhausted we had to take a seat. The rest joined in and Wim was so drunk he just randomly took a walk over the parking and saluted every person he saw, while doing it he spilled his drink all over. A funny sight to behold as you could see me and three other people trying to convince him to sit down. The drunks drank a lot of water to get sober again, alas it doesn't work that way. People started leaving around 2 AM and Glenn and I were waiting for his dad to come pick us up
so we went inside with everybody 'cause it was getting cold out. Once inside we asked for some more music and the deejay stated turning again. We all went crazy for some time and around 2:15 AM we all got the weird idea to drink Fristi and we did so. After that I went home with Glenn and crashed at his place. Although it only just happened it looked like an age ago. I'm still not sober right now, at least I could walk around 9AM because at 8AM I was bound to crawling. :3 I had no feel for balance so I just did it because it felt natural.
Right now I got a scratch from my sisters dog because I was playingt too wildly with him, I disinfected the wound before typing so I should be okay.

That was my Blog update.

Greetz and nuzzles to all ^w^,


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