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My Great Grandmother died today :(

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Just a little thing, not that many of you will bother to care about but I njust found out that my great grandmother died today.

She had Alzheimers a few years back and it was such a pain to see her the way she was. Over the few months, she was taken to a care home to be properly looked after and, whenever we went to visit, she would always ask my grandfather when she was going home and it hurt me to know that she was staying there. It was also a pain to see that she didn't know anyone that looked at her, not even her own son.

Soon afterwards, she suffered 2 strokes and was having to be regularly admitted to hospital for further analysis. It was then jsut a few days ago that she was permenantly admitted to hospital and would not return to her care home.

A few days before she died, she would just refuse to eat any type of food and it was heartbreaking for us all.

We were then told this morning that she passed away in her sleep.

It's sad to hear soemone you love has died but if you had to witness the pain I had to see from my own great grandmother, then you believe that she's now at peace and it was probably for the best

I'll never forget you Nanny R.I.P


  1. user13640's Avatar
    I have a great grandmother but I never got to know her. My grand mother goes out of town every year on my birthday to visit my great grand mother who I have never met. My grand mother has never shown up to one of my birthdays not even one. She even missed my birth. But even though my great grand mother and my grand mother have caused me a good amount of sadness in the past by this I still love them. I've never met my great grand mother whos now pushing neer a hundred but I dont really care. Cause I know she exists and shes related to me. When she dies I will shed a tear or two. Its tough to lose a loved one rather they were close or not. When they are close its very hard to lose a loved one. Death happens and its something we have to deal with. Its as unstoppable as aging. Everyone ages everyone dies. I hope your great grand mother rests in peace.
  2. BabyArtie's Avatar

    My sympathies. So often death is not the nastiest thing, so much as dying.

    We went to visit my dad's elder sister a month ago, in a nursing home because she has lost her memory. I have a real respect for my uncle who is nearly 90, a retired old-school stiff-upper-lip civil servant - he goes to see her every day, and quite what it must be doing to him when she asks to come home with him each day I cannot fathom.

    Don't feel afraid to cry about your loss: and don't feel afraid to get angry about how our culture treats the elderly.


  3. LovelyLily's Avatar
    I am so sorry to hear this. =( You have my deep sympathies. I do agree, it's really hard to see someone dying for last few days and suffering the pain. I went though that in 2006 when my grandpa was dying and it was difficult on me. Once again, my deepest sympathies. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.