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Report from Sparky

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Hey guys!!
I missed the comunity, I've only been offline for 2 days*looks at his watch* 3 days now.

I've been to the sauna yester.. 2 days ago. Stupid clock, tick slower.
Well like I said I've been to the sauna 2 days ago and I had lot's of fun. My friend survived,
barely but he did. We had some fruity scents, and for the first time ever I stood up during a lash of steam.
It's when the the guy who does the scents and steams and such takes his wet towel and swings it upwards
then back down with a lot of force forcing down all the hot steam that is trapped in the ceiling.
It feels... Different, then other times I've gone. Normally it's about 90 to 95 C where I sit, so standing up
makes 20C difference plus the steam that equals 120 C of heat I got over me, and still I felt ok. Better then
ever when I think about it.

After the session I went for a swim in the pool, which is part of the complex, and had a contest with my friend and his father.
You know the usual stuff how far can you swim under water without taking breaths. how long can you actually hold your breath.
and when we were swimming my friends dad, Guy,(I know it sounds dumb in english)cut his hand. I swam up to him and looked at his hand.
At first it didn't look like it was a biggie. But when we got out it was huge, well compared to my... no just kidding. It was a pretty big cut
and I was surprised that he didn't go to the infirmary. I kept on swimming 'cause it would actually take a while before the next session would start.
And I cut my foot on the same edge as Guy did, only my cut almost went clear through my foot. I went to the infirmary on request of Marc(=the guy who does the scents ands stuff.)
The guy there said it was pretty deep but said it didn't need stitching, I think the nerves in and around the cut were damaged cause I didn't feel my wound.
But today I still feel it so they are intact. I did the last session and Marc waited for me, I was flattered sorta. He used mint crystals with pineaple extract.
Now I don't know if anyone did this before but mint crystals plus hot steam equals a hard to breath area. Now at first you best not breath too much of that air at once.
But after awhile you can go ahead and enjoy. The mint crystals have a weird effect on your skin you feel like you're cooling down and although the sauna was
90-95 C where I was seated, it felt like it was just about 30 C.

After a shower we went to McDo for some burgers. It was my second time I went there around 1:00AM
It's not that crowdded around that hour, for good reason. People working there get damn lazy. Excuse my language hh.
I got a coke while asking for Ice-tea. There is a big difference.

Yesterday was uneventfull, I went to my nieces birthday party with an injkured foot which I couldn't use and a pounding headache.
I just asked for a chair ad read a 600 page book. After that I diapered up and played Guitar Hero III:Legends of rock for the rest of the day.
I fell asleep in a diaper, not good. As I woke I saw my mom in my room she just took something out of the drawer and went to work.
I've never been so stressed while in bed before. I did exactly the same as the day before only I stopped aroubnd noon for lunch and afterward went to the library with mom
it was 30 C outside, and it wasn't fun. The sauna is fun hot as you afterwards just jump into the ice cold pool and cool down for the next session.
The weather was hot and there was no wind no ice cold water to cool down in. Long story short weather sucked. I got a new book: "the power of the five: Raven's gate"
Sounded nice. Not quite a furry story but okay. I firstly wanted to read part three of the Wars Of The Emerged World series. But someone took it before I was there

And then it turned midnight and my sister asked me to help her install a game on her laptop. I started writing this and listening to music.

Now that would be all for this update.

Many paws and licks,


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