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Update! Zing.

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Yup that's right another Blog update!

No that long ago, but I felt like an update. I like to look at this blog as my lifestream.
I won't be forcing you to read it. This week was a succesfull one up until now.
My exams went well, I think I'm going to have an average of 70% ovar all.

We celebrated the end of this school year with a drink and some pooling.
Tommorow the people from the 6 multimedia are showing their final schoolwork
and I'm planning to go watch it with my friends and afterwards maybe go and throw a
party somewhere.

I've started playing guitar hero again, and writing this blog isn't helping my fingers relax at all.
But vacation has started and for me that means movie season. In 2 days I've seen more movies then
in a whole 6 months. For example I've watched The bourne trilogy, Devil, The mist( which really freaked me out ),
Zombieland and a lot of other movies. This snooped some of my forum and game time though.
Even some of my friends missed me on facebook

This weekend it's sauna time, sweat sweat sweat héhé.
My friend is coming along and I'm hoping he'll be able to get through the session.
'Cause the man who adds steam and scents to the sauna has been making it fairly hot lately.
he set the saune 5 degrees higher then he mostly does, and believe me 5 degrees is a HUGE difference.

I worte this while padded and guided by the music of the rolling stones - paint it black and Chilly Gonzalez - The grudge.
They're completely different. Just how I like it.

That would be all for now. I hope it's going to be an exciting summer and I
wish you all a nice vacation.




  1. satyrical's Avatar
    Scented water in a sauna? Never even heard of it. The oak/cedar smells of the sauna should be enough, anyway... plus, a lot of the saunas I've gone into are dry.
  2. quattrus's Avatar
    The only time I've entered a sauna it was a "bio" one, with temperatures around 60°C, and I was already collapsing! I'd probably sweat my soul out in a "proper" sauna... let us know if your friend has survived

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