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First jog in a lonnnnnnggggggg time.

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Today, I decided to join a few of my buddies for a jog/walk.

We are all just starting to get back into it, and I must say it went pretty well. We decided that we were going to do 8 kilometers, that was the goal and we did it. I was feeling a little sick towards the end of it (I had the flu for a while and it seemed to pick up a bit between this morning and last night).

Anyways, I must say, I feel great! Sure, by the end of it I was hacking up my lungs, sure I felt like every beverage I had in the last few years was seeping out of me. But I stuck with it and it turned out great.

I'm doing the same thing tomorrow and will hopefully be able to do a little better.

Well, thats all for now folks.


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