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Long time no posts

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Hey guys!

I haven't posted in a while although I said I was going to try to post dailyIF something interesting happened.
I didn't really have time to write a whole blog because of the exams, it's normally an easy and relaxing period of the year to me because I
normally always study 2 hours tops, but this time I wanted to make GOOD exams instead of average ones.
So now to the blog part and no more explanations and stuff.

So in the last two weeks I had to study study study, which is now coming to an end I only have two theoretical exams
so it's going to be a piece of cake from here on out.

In these last to weeks I have, for the first time in my entire life, gone to buy diapers in a store on my own.
As my parents don't know I'm a DF/BF this was a big step for me. I didn't think far ahead, it was more likely to fail then
to succeed, but it succeeded nonetheless.

On a Thursday I finished my exam of the day and got on the bus went to a store as far away from home
as I could possibly go without getting lost and I bought my first pack of diapers. Well actually they were pull-ups, I made this mistake because it
was nerve wrecking for me. The lady gave me some strange looks, I looked back and asked what her problem was. She ignored my question and got back to work.
I left the store and went home, but on the way back I noticed I bought diapers that were too small for me. So I had to go way back to the same cashier because she
was the only one at that time of day and had to ask to change that pack for a bigger one. :P she gave me an even weirder look then before.
I bought the largest size they had in toddler size pull-ups 'cause I didn't want to risk another strange look and maybe even a question as for whom they were.

When I got home I noticed I was not alone there were the cars of my sister and her boyfriend.
So I had to climb through my window with my schoolbag and a pack of pull-ups in my hands.
I have climbed through my window before, but this was the hardest attempt of my entire life. I barely made it in.

I had no idea where to stash 'em either that was my next problem. I eventually just put them in a closet behind some old clothes that never get used.
The next few days at school weren't interesting at all the weekend was amusing though.

I played Infamous and just hit the 50% trophy mark.(Playstation 3 rocks!) And I watched tons of movies!

A few minutes ago my sister and I decided to go to the movies and watch 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part one and two in a row in 3D.
We had to order the tickets now, while the event is next month. The best seats were already gone
Well that's my 'Status update guys, Enjoy!




  1. BabyBeau's Avatar
    Sounds like good times! I would try to keep thinking on a better hiding place though. You never know if your mom will try to donate some "clothes that never get used" to goodwill or something. Just a thought.
  2. LovelyLily's Avatar
    I agree with BabyBeau for good times. =) The lady cashier shouldn't give you weird looks though. It isn't really her business to know what those are for. I understand it doesn't help that you were nervous. At least you got past that, so that was good thing! Enjoy! For hiding places, may I suggest to hide half in your dresser (if you have plenty of space) and put some clothes on top of those? Other half in your closet or under your bed?

    Oooh, Harry Potter! =) I can't wait for Part 2 either!! =D I might wait several days (almost typed after the opening date so it will be slightly less crowded and better chance to find good seats. =P
  3. quattrus's Avatar
    Congrats for your purchase! You must be tiny if you fit into toddler-sized pull-ups Anyway, it looks like a fair self-reward for your studies! As for where to stash them, it all depends on where your parents usually go looking. If they sometimes clean up/tidy your room, putting there under the bed sounds quite risky. Your best bet would probably be hiding them in some anonymous bag between some other stuff that only you usually go looking for.

    I'll too go to watch Harry Potter next month but, as Emmy suggested, I'll be certainly waiting for the big crowds to dissipate before going myself!
  4. TheLittleBigPet's Avatar
    Thing is I don't have a dresser that is completely mine. Only a dresser that everyone uses every day, and it's in MY room
    Under the bed might not be a good idea either. maybe inside the box my playstation 3 came out of? no one looks in there right? - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.