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First ever Blog entry!

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So I have never blogged before nor I have ever really know what to blog about. Sooo I am going to post about my excitement that I just received my brand new shirt that I will be wearing to Rocky Mountain Fur Con this year. Which reminds me that I need to register as the deadline is coming up fast.

Anywho I spent more on this shirt than I would like to admit to anyone, but it has got to be the coolest shirt in the world! BTW I spent $95 on this shirt....It is the Disney BOLT Reyn Spooner Hawaiian Shirt. I had been looking for it everywhere, but always got sniped out at the last second. The last shirt went for $50, So I am a little peeved that this one went for $40 more

Please pay no attention to the horribleness of the photo of myself.....or the half painted wall in the background, that will never be finished due to the fact that our house in going into foreclosure.

Also believe it or not but I am 21! yet I look like I am 16 or younger.....

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