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Fur Dreams

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Well lately, and by lately I mean maybe the past year, I've been having a lot of dreams about furs, and a lot of dreams for me is like 15 maybe because I don't dream a lot.

I can't really remember any of them but the most of the ones I do remember I don't feel comforable talking about really lol.

Well anyways, I'm getting so many it's starting to make me like think, "is there a reason?". I know it sounds kinda weird, but I'm a person that believes that dreams can tell us stuff we don't even know about outselves.

Sorry I just had to get this out, and this is the first place I've ever said anything about them.

Also forgot to include this, but most of my dreams like maybe 8 of them have been in the past like 3 months.


  1. Vladimir's Avatar
    I can't interpret them without examples (Tell me! :P), but there's obviously a connection with your life or your desires. It doesn't have any specific meaning, and because you're dreaming of furries doesn't mean the interpretation involves the furry fandom (it could be something, like a feeling related to furry fandom).

    I can't help you further if I don't know what they're about (I know it was very vague), but if you could name some of the key elements of your dreams or the main events, it would help.

    Also, why are you uncomfortable talking about them? Is it because they are related to your personal life, because of the topic, because it has private or sexual themes...?
  2. Samaki's Avatar
    more of the sexual themes... lol XD, I can really only remember 1 very well and that was I was looking down from kinda the seiling, and there were kinda like really weird looking furs.... and they did it... It was kinda weird. Then I can't remember exactly how they go but there are others where its just a bunch of furry liks talking and crap and I'm one.... and stuff like that.

    I guess I could've added those but I just remembered them like 30 minutes ago so... yeah
  3. ShippoFox's Avatar
    My dreams are rarely sexual.
    Also, they rarely involve furry characters.
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