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My Very First Blog!

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There are more additional introduction than greeting introduction:

[U]Variety of Diapers[/U]
It was started four years ago. I had problem urge to the restroom from my desk at work, because I was toooo focus my work as Data Entry. Rushing to the restroom but bit too late before begin sit on the toilet. :frown: Beginning to using pads. Also, troubled at home when I woke up in the morning rushing to the bathroom but same thing to near the toilet. :frown: *sigh* First time I went to the store to get night diapers from Rite Aid got Certainty heavy night pullup diapers and pad sheets. Problems with night diapers leaked out twice or three times per night. :wallbash: A year later: Starting to use different night diapers to Depend Max Protection. However, another :o as twice every night. Hmmm. I use pad to work everyday over two years to stay protection and alerted. That causes me stressed out from work and home issues. Three years later (last year): began to get into heavy stress and my husband's health issues that I thrown him into hospital for his low level oxygen. I adding with baby diapers into my depend diaper worked on Tax overnight without interrupted. Days later, created with two Depend diapers on me every evenings until found on internet with Bambino diapers and interested to samples and loved it. I bought it in May last year with my first time to using Baminos. Started to wear Depend woman underwear pullups every day at work. When I brought my husband home from hospital and few days later, got me Salomonella. One day when my husband and I went to Rite Aid, :o when I got worst bowel and rushed to the restroom at Rite Aid and came toooo late and got :wallbash: then cleaning up and get another bag of woman pullup and bought it then rush back into the restroom to put fresh back on and left. That was a horriable experience for me. Once I used put on to play softball game. That were the whole diapers experience for me. Right now, I'm wearing my Depend woman pullup during the day and Bambino diaper during my bedtime. Sometimes during the weekend to relax and housework to use my Bambino when there's no visitors come.

[U]My Health Issues[/U]:
I have my stress and urge incontinences. I did went to Gyn doctor for my stress incontinence to put on the pessery but problem is my husband needs "sex". *sigh* So I decided to removed the pessery and still wearing my pullups and get control of myself and health. At nightly, my throat get drier and couldn't sleep well. Usually drink one glass of water before bed helps me to sleep better with my diaper on it. My husband usually go to the bathroom one or two hours before my alarm woke me up and really urge my muscle need to go as it went out in bed before back into deep sleep in my bed before my alarm goes off. During the day at home on weekend chores, luckily worn my Bambino to do laundries and sometimes can accident hearing water running and uh oh :o got let it go on my diaper while doing the laundries into the washer. Also, washing the dishes, too.
I have anemia, arthritis, brochitis when Flu, Reynaud's syndrome, lower back injured back in 1985 (been on and off), and now nerves from neck to right shoulder last October, and Carpal Tunnel on both wrists. Right now, still working on my third and final neck injection for my nerve to go through my right shoulder next Wednesday. Get checking bloods for Cholesterol exam and Iron soon. My eyes Cataract surgeries done last Dec and Feb of this year and seeing real good now. :biggrin: Now, I'm getting start to lose weight, because of my stresses and weights on and off lately.

[U]A Very Touchful of Babyish Feeling While Relaxation and Sleepful:[/U]
When I first started to wear my diapers and still thinking of a babyish feeling. I still using Johnson&Johnson Baby Powder with cornstarch with aloe, Destin rash cream with aloe, and adult wipers. Later, I looked up the internet about Bambino diapers, PacifiersRUs, and Snap-On plastic pants. Few months later, decided to take Bambino first then get Nuk-5 pacifier from PacifiersRUs. Later got two blue plastic pants and one white soft snap-on plastic pant. (Snap-on is my turned on). I bought two feet pjs from Big Feet PJ for my Xmas gifts. During the fall and winter, I wear footie pj with diaper and snap-on pant. I felt more of babyish while relaxation and sleep with my pacifier. I use my pacifier helps me to get off my stress and give a deep sleep and less snore and problem is bitted teeths hard every morning (while paci fall from my mouth). The pacifier also helps with my speech well. During spring and summer, I am wearing my t-shirt and diaper with snap-on pant to sleep with my socks on. Depends on how cold weather in that time to wear light pant pj. I do watching movies with my diaper on sometimes. :biggrin:

I explained my issues with my husband, mother, cousin and few friends.

-FootieCookie :grouphug:

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