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Back from the punk rock show!

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Holy crap, I'm pooped..

Went to see NoFX tonight, it was pretty crazy and I must say that for a group of 40-something year olds they can still rock. It was a pretty decent show, and they certainly got the Newfoundland experience while they stayed. As far as I know they are enjoying the many bars on georgestreet right now.

They did a really good set too, it wasn't just songs that they were trying to promote, it was all of their stuff, both new and old. They threw in some old classics like "Linoleum" and plenty of thier newer stuff. For "Reeko" they changed it up a bit and Fat MiKe played guitar rather than bass.

I'm so tired, so I'm gonna go to bed. It was certainly an awesome show, but now I have to study, I have a final in two days...


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