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Random rant

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This will be my first blog post and I hate that it will be of me complaining, but I've always found it helpful to write things out. Anyways the back story behind my rant is I've been sick for about 2 weeks now I've had bronchitis and it just wont go away. I'm a screamer in a band and it's hard to scream when you cough every time you do it and sound like a dying child when you scream while your sick. Well the singer of the band set up a show even though he knew I was sick and unable to preform my abilities. I talked to him about it and he said he was just going to fill in for my parts and out of biased opinion I feel I am way better than him so I'm afraid he will turn people away from our music if they are listening to us for the first time. I'm not trying to state that I am the main attraction nor is screaming the only thing people come for but being a female screamer I am a giant rarity where I live so that draws in a crowd.

I guess just to some everything up I feel kind of hurt that they are going to do a show without me makes me feel like I'm not needed in the band if they won't even just wait till I'm better. i know kind of silly and childish to be hurt over this, but I've put in alot of time and effort and continual abuse on my vocal cords and I'd just like to get some well deserved credit seeing as we just recently started playing shows. I'd also like for people to see as a whole and that we actually enjoy doing music instead of just doing it for the money which is what still doing a show without a member looks like seeing as we are still a local band.

I will stop there though because i feel this rant has went on long enough.

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