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The Randomicity of a SuperDan...

Contradiction Is The Order Of The Day...

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... I can't help but wonder why a thread described as:

... was closed, yet one entitled "What do you "use" your diapers for?" is allowed to stay open.

If it is simply a matter of tenses - past and present - then why cite this (Sorry relevant Mod)...

... as surely it is still true of the latter thread...?

This seems to be a massive contradiction to me, and I'm surprised at the double-standards.


  1. Varys's Avatar
    Seriously though. I noticed that too.
  2. crazykittensmile's Avatar
    Largely this is a case of which threads are reported. If a user reports a thread and it is brought to the attention of staff then we can decide whether a borderline thread should remain open, be closed or be deleted. If a thread is not reported or otherwise brought to the staff attention then sometimes threads which may not be completely appropriate will remain open. Staff can only respond to that which they are aware of.

    I would also argue that asking people what they use their diaper for, whilst still a fairly low-brow topic of conversation, is at least more relevant to a support community than asking what state their diaper is in in a given moment. Knowing that you are not the only one who uses, or doesn't use, your diaper in a given way may help to make you feel less alone or unusual; knowing that a particular user is sat in a wet/messy diaper right now does not have the same scope for offering support. I also think that asking people to disclose the state of their diapers holds a greater chance of encouraging users to be descriptive in describing the 'state' of their diaper, and frankly most people don't want to know the details of whatever is inside someone else's diaper.

    However, if you do see open threads or posts that you think violate a rule or are inappropriate please don't assume that this means they have been okayed by the staff - it may just be that we haven't seen them yet - and so it is always helpful to report a thread you are unsure about. :) - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.