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Hospital appointment

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I finally have another appointment with the Urologist tonight. I am a little scared and am not totally looking forward to it!


They found a massive cyst.

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  1. crazykittensmile's Avatar
    Oh goodness, sorry to hear that :( *hugs*

    I hope at least now that they have found something they will know how to treat it?
  2. Incontinent17's Avatar
    Thanks babyjess.

    It's been a long battle for anyone to take me seriously. My GP fobbed me off with pills and "wait and see if it gets better" for nearly a year. Within 5 minutes of seeing the Urologist he says "I can feel a massive cyst!" and "come back on Friday for scans!"

    Thanks also for your *hugs* they are very much appreciated.
  3. crazykittensmile's Avatar
    Really? It's awful that they would just fob you off with 'wait and see' when incontinence isn't something that you should be experiencing aged 35 and you'd think they would want to identify a cause, or at least see if there is one, sooner. I'm shocked that it has taken you so long to have anybody examine your properly. But at least finally they are taking you seriously - it sounds like you have been sensible in being persistent in asking for treatment? I hope your scans on Friday are able to inform them further anyway.

    Good luck :)

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