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Wanting Incontinence- A moan!

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I've blogged this post from a previous thread I created, hope it comes in useful for some of you guys!

One trend I've noticed on this forum in recent months is the number of people who [I]"want to become incontinent".[/I] :graduate:

Be a realist about it.
I've been IC for a massive proportion of my life, it has flared up severely over the past year due to stress and an accident. But imagine it.....waking up in the morning, every morning with a unpleasant smell and damp feeling seeping from underneath your duvet. Imagine being out queuing for a coffee in Starbucks with your girlfriend and suddenly losing bowel control. Imagine not being able to go swimming without the fear of being seen wearing a diaper or making an embarassment of yourself. Imagine having no choice but to carry around a supply of diapers, everywhere you go. Imagine all of the inconvinience, stress and mess that you'd have to deal with each day, every day for a number of years if not the remainder of your life?

Now weigh this up against the occasional convinience and security you may get from wearing diaper for incontinence. Perception and novelty are very funny things.

Theres absolutely no contest, why would you want to purposely want to oppress your life when you're perfectly fit and healthy? Appreciate what you have, the grass isnt always greener on the other side....believe me!

Sorry for the rant, just felt like clearing the air! :)

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