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im back

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anybody miss me???? no sadly i dont really have any friends here at all:cryhankie: i had so muchhh funn all this week

oh and i think i have gained the courage to upload a pic of me tonight....

oh anyways this morning i was watchining this show with people doing some standup comedy and this made me laugh

so the girls all like well im a new christian so at church there like your a baby christian melissa ... so i wore a onesie to churh...yea didnt go so well


  1. Pojo's Avatar
    That was a fast week >.>
  2. Mandy's Avatar
    i know!!!
  3. Pojo's Avatar
    I didn't mean like it flew by quickly...I meant it that it wasn't a full week...
  4. starshine's Avatar
    I thought you were going to be gone for 2 weeks?
  5. ShippoFox's Avatar
    You wore a onesie to church?
  6. Mandy's Avatar
    1.change of plans gone for a week back for a week then leave for another week ...i know i was confused too.

    2.that was a standup comedian i heard..who "wore a onesie to church"

    3. it was like 6 days close enough i was homesick already!!
  7. starshine's Avatar
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