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Wow, boring times it seems..

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In the past few weeks I have had virtually very few "blog worthy" events occur. Kinda weird, I usually have at least one thing I can think of, looks like this week I'm gonna scrape the bottom of the barrel.

A few days ago I was talking to my good buddy/ ex-drummer. Just stopped into his house to chat and catch-up. Turns out that the old band is gonna get back together for a few jams over the summer and maybe some gigs. Looks like I'm gonna have a group to play with again this summer. It's always fun to waste a day away playing songs with my buddies and enjoying a nice cold beverage.

Another new thing, the giraffe my girlfriend ordered me finially arrived! Its awesome, It's honestly more comfy than any pillow I have ever owned and its so cute. I believe that's the same one she got me.

I got a job, not really anything amazing but i'm hoping it will get me a car after it's over. I'm gonna have to do a lot of labourer work, which I'm very used to so it's a plus. At least it pays above minimum wage.

School is almost over, until next september at least. Nothing else is really on the go with that. Well, that seems to be it. I guess I had a bit to write about, but hopefully things around here start to pick up a bit in the near future.


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