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Feeling kinda lonely

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Hey guys I'm writing this partly as a response to my last blog post, and partly to reach out. I'm searching for someone to chat with, not just to RP or anything, but to kinda have a shoulder to lean on. My last post was a bit less about adisc in general, more about me. Whether you've read my last blog entry or not, it isn't really important or necessary to under stand what I'm gunna put down on here.
I've just felt increasingly lonely lately and I just kinda need a friend right now that I can confide in. I realized that it's pretty important to me to have someone with these interests as a close buddy. That said I'm also looking to someone that might interested in light roleplay further down the line as I really want to create a bond with those I chat with. I don't think that you can automatically start calling someone that you barely know daddy or brother/ sister or mother right off the bat, it just doesn't feel right if you know what I mean. I'm hoping I'll find someone on here to talk with a bit, and possibly build a close relationship with (just friendship wise) like the kind you make when your younger.
In my last post I came to the idea that having a chat available to age groups might be a good one, but looking back on it, it was a good idea at heart just a horrible idea to implement. I think I bond better with those in my immediate age range a bit better than the younger crowd thus the previous idea being born.
I know this might seem like a never ending rant or some schizophrenic mumbo jumbo, but I just want a friend. If your 18 or older feel free to hit me up with a pm if you'd like to chat sometime (I just don't feel too comfortable talking with the youngsters on here because their point of view may be a little too different from mine, and I know that's making a generalization which I shouldn't do but I just think it best that that be put in here.)
Anyone interested talking to a husky pup is encouraged to write back, and if your younger than 18 you can reply, but please bare in mind that I'm hoping to talk with someone that considers themselves not necessarily older by age but by wisdom and intuition than the average teen. Thanks for taking the time to read through this.

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