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I had a nightmare for the first time in a long time. It was really weird, I don't remember too much from it, but there was some crazy lady shooting people and my Fiance was in front of a table/desk (I was hiding behid) closest to the crazy lady. She ended up killing a lot of people and I just screamed in terror (in the dream). THEN I had to sleep in room that a lot of people died in (yes now there is a bed in there) with my dad mother and brother? And I remember seeing Obama?

ANYWAY it was a scary dream even if I don't remember it. I just remembering waking up and the first thoughts that came into my head were, "thank you God for the blessings I have received." It's something I tend to say when things are looking down, kind of to remind me that things could be worse...

But I got up and crawled into bed with my fefe and felt much better! (I was sleeping on the floor because the bed and the surrounding walls makes it kind of a enclosed type criby thing, or I like to think of it as..)

No real point to the blog, just wanted to share that I had a nightmare... :eek!:

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