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Back after a long time gone

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I took a long absence from this website. In that time I have made a lot of self discoveries, and had a lot of new experiences. I entered my first D/s relationship, and actually met some other AB/DLs in real life. I have come to a realization toward what I am. For a long time I have known about my masochistic side, but now I have learned how truly submissive I can be. Other discoveries I have made are towards my gender, and my little side. I never felt that transvestite, or transgendered described me. Crossdressing is not a fetish for me so TV always seemed like the wrong to me, and TG seemed wrong because I have no wish to give up my genetic gender. I have decided that Gender Fluid is the best thing to describe me. I really feel like I belong to both genders. As far as my little side I think I have finally realized what age I am. I have realized the deep down I am a nine year old girl. Because of my interest in diapers I didn't think this made sense, but hey big girls can wear diapers too.

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