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The life and mind of Takashi Morinosuka

The World Within A Game

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Just saw a review for L.A. Noire from Angry Joe and it looks like a great game. Very detailed characters in how they look and how they act and I’ll be sure to get it once the price drops.

One problem I have with the game is there is nothing to do outside the story. Yes you have side quests but there's nothing to do in the city except looking for landmarks and having fun driving the all the different cars. It would have been nice to be able to go see a movie or play cards or go bowling. GTA IV almost had it right. Great story with a big city and you could hang out with characters by going bowling, playing darts, going to a comedy show and more.

What I want in the next GTA is the ability to do all the things you did in IV and more. When I explore the in-game internet I see career opportunities for the police, working in fast food and other stuff. I want to be able to do that because that would add to the experience and pull you into Liberty City. Also in TBoGT you do a mission were you go into the headquarters of the Liberty City Rampage the city's hockey team; I want to be able to go to one of their games or go to Liberty City's equivalent of Madison Square Garden and see a basket ball game or something.

Give me GTA + The Sims and I think it would be one badass game if done right.

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