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Diapered in a Military School

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Yes, everyone's greatest nightmare growing up the dreaded military school. I am here to tell you just how oblivious people really are. First off I wear almost 24/7 because I have a history of stress related incontinence and this is a high stress environment. The only time I do not wear is when I have to wear a uniform that is too tight to accommodate a diaper. I also live with four rack mates in my room of these four none of them know I am an AB. Even though I sleep with a pacifier and I wear diapers. How is this possible? People are oblivious. You just have to be careful. Lets go through my day really quick.

0500 wake up/ first diaper change
0545 conduct Physical training
0630 personal hygiene/ (sometimes this requires another change)
0745 Morning Formation
0850-1700 Classes (I usually have my Mommy change me twice during this this time) (Yes I have a Mommy who goes to school with me and it is entirely possible)
1700-1900 Team practices (Rifle team, Drill team, etc. )
1900-2130 Study Hall
2130-2230 Personal time ( I am usually playing with my stuffed animals, with Mommy off campus)
2230 Call to quarters (Mommy diapers me and gets me my paci for bed
2300 lights out

This is a day without random room inspections in which my stash is almost discovered, or Parades or other sundery things
point being you can be an AB and practice anywhere with the right amount of pluck and ingenuity. A talent for hiding your baby stuff helps too. :P


  1. Grutzvalt's Avatar
    How'd you end up in Military school?
  2. CrinkleGamer's Avatar
    Stay strong, It won't be like this forever.
  3. BabyJayk's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Grizzy;bt19530]How'd you end up in Military school?[/QUOTE]

    Its actually a college. And it was free. That's how :)
  4. BabyJayk's Avatar
    [QUOTE=CrinkleGamer;bt19531]Stay strong, It won't be like this forever.[/QUOTE] No worries mate. I am about 20 days away from graduating with my degree actually. The whole point of this blog was to be a "it can be done" sort of thing. So many AB's are out there feeling they are unable to regress given their living arrangements. I wanted to post the point of view of someone who lives daily in an environment that is hostile to our kind and I still manage to live my life as I choose to live it. I wanted to let everyone know that it is possible to keep your secret even in a highly public environment. I was trying to be encouraging.:smile: - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.