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I think I am gonna start trying to make 2 blogs per week, at minimum. I don't wanna make any promises but my goal is 2 a week. A lot has been going on since my last blog, its been a fun (slash) frustrating (slash) hectic week. Filled with new friends, old friends, golf, crazy days at work, and more golf.

On Thursday night I played in a golf scramble with my grandpa. It was at a local par 3 course. We usually play in it like once a month until they stop having it in September (the finale is usually really close to my birthday). We have won it several times and placed second a few. They reset everyones handicap at the start of the year and Thursday was our first time playing in it for the year so we had to do so without a handicap, we didn't place at all. We were 5 over straight up, It was really hard to scramble to save par that night. Usually it is pretty easy for us to scramble a par if we have a first shot that doesn't find the green but on Thursday we couldn't get anything going. It was still a fun night of golf though. My friend Elly showed up and played with her uncle, they didn't do well. They finished 12 over, but that is mainly because Elly was trying to carry her team because her uncle is just starting its hard to carry a team and do well. But hopefully this upcoming Thursday Elizabeth and I can play in and win some money. *Fingers Crossed*.

When Friday rolled around I was really exhausted from golf, I went to work and around noon I got a text from a friend I haven't seen in over a year. Laramie, She wanted to know if I wanted to go to Applebees with her for dinner, I don't really like applebees but I wanted her company so I didn't care where we went to. After dinner we went back to her house and played a totally awesome game of Skip-Bo with her little sister. Then out of nowhere another friend I haven't seen since before I left a church shows up at her house, I guess she invited him to come over after we got done eating so he could also play Skip-Bo, but he showed up late. His name is Spud, well thats his nickname. We had a really good long talk about why I left church and how I couldn't handle the gossip there and about old friends who we both have lost touch with. It wasn't enough to change my mind about going back to that church but it does seem like it might be in better shape than when I left it. Either way it was great to see him and Laramie on Friday.

When Saturday came I was kinda ready for the week to start so I didn't have to work. But I learned how to check the chemicals in the pool, and how to keep it clean and all that good stuff. I did a bunch of mulching around trees (still not done with that), and inspected 54 check-in rooms. it might not seem like a lot to do but goodness it was stressful. Today (Sunday) was the head of housekeepings last day, and it was also my moms. My mom quit because it was the second time in a row that she was only scheduled 3 days for the pay period, and we get paid every two weeks. I don't know much about how it happened or what was said and im gonna try my darnedest to keep it that way. It wasn't really an awkward day like I thought it would be but you could tell that the manager and housekeepers were not in the best mood. But I will give you more info on it as soon as I get it, but hopefully I won't get much info because thing would probably just get awkward.

But on Saturday night I made some new friends. They are Charlie's roommates and they are really fun to be around. We decided that we are gonna do a taco night next week after I get paid, its gonna be glorious. I really hope these friendships can grow and last.


  1. Ronbeast's Avatar
    Is "Gasoline" an audioslave reference? :3

    Anyways, sounds like you have been keeping quite busy. I don't think I would be able to fit that much activity into one week.

  2. cweezy928's Avatar
    Nope its Brand New's "Gasoline" from Daisy.

    Its been a crazy week indeed!
  3. Ronbeast's Avatar
    Ahh! Don't know why I thought that... I guess I should pick up a copy of daisy when I can. I really like bought a bride haha.

  4. cweezy928's Avatar
    OMG Bought A Bride is so intense! I like Audioslave a Bit but I just never got hooked on them. Daisy is probably one of their heaviest album in my opinion. You should really check out Company Of Thieves's Running From A Gamble. The music is so good! Marc the guitarist for CoT shreds so hard. If he keeps playing like he did on their first album and on their newest album, he is sure to go down in history as one of the greats of this generation with Jack White and Matt Bellamy.
  5. Arlisauce's Avatar
    Brand New <3
    Skip-Bo <3

    That is all.
  6. Ronbeast's Avatar
    I still gotta pick up a copy of deja entendu.. I've been letting their albums slip right past me and it really sucks. If I had some money I would go to the store and buy so many cd's... Right now I'm waiting for some new material from "violent Soho" gahhh, such an amazing band.

  7. cweezy928's Avatar
    Ron- You should hit up amazon! you can buy like new and good used cd's for as little as 1 dollar! thats what I do when I am buying albums that have been out for a bit. Wow I sound like one of those lame tv ads haha.

    Arlikra- Skip-Bo is such a fun game. If you have the time, you should buy 2 of the games and play with 100 cards in your pile, it takes up an entire night but its so much fun. lol
  8. Arlisauce's Avatar
    We have two decks! We have to when we have seven or eight of us playing at once. ^_^

    Never played with 100 cards in a pile, though. Might have to try that. =D
  9. cweezy928's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Arlikra
    We have two decks! We have to when we have seven or eight of us playing at once. ^_^

    Never played with 100 cards in a pile, though. Might have to try that. =D
    Im not sure if we played with 2 decks or 3 when we did the 100 card game im thinking it was just 2 becuase you can still do a 60 card game with just one deck. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.