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The Thoughts of a Whisper

Epic Trip, AmIRhyt?

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Woo! Im finally home, sure a day later than expected but hey im home, lol. The lovely band trip...probably gonna stay home next year. I advise if you don't like ranting you press the pretty arrow goin left ^_^

So, we get going at like 8:00 right? Ok no, more like 9:00 because we "misplaced" a few instruments, and had three people still floating around the hallways. Bah! Im not patient enough, so I voulenteer to help the people look for them. Weeelll...turns out that now Ive forgotten mine, so now mom has to join us for a while driving behind with my saxaphone.


The zoo went pretty good actually, and the competition was fine. In all honesty playing in complete Concert Black under basically heat lamps though? I can't remember if I played well or not lol. Course I got to have Chicken in Peanut Butter sauce at the Asian wasn't a joke apparently >.<

Now the hotel, was where I coulda lost my mind. I didn't bring anything to swim with, wouldn't anyway. But i spent like $12.00 on Red Bull woot!!! Well, turns out everyone else decided that the all-nighter we agreed on, wasn't gonna happen. Ok, whatever I packed my stuffy anyway >.> trying to be sneaky I put my Bunny in my shirt and get as close to the wall as possible, whileive got like over 1000g of Caffiene turning my blood into soda.

And pretty much the rest consists of a man hunt for the Bunny I was sposed to keep secret, then just finding she slipped between the crack, not riding anything at Kings island because i waited 3hrs. in line and then the ride broke down...oh and the bus blowing a tire and making us have to stay in ONE more place.

I just wana lay down...>.>

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